‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings Reveals What He Misses Most About the Original Show

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Fans love to watch Jeopardy! and they really dig Ken Jennings as the host but what in the world would he change about it these days? Turning back, the hands of time will not bring back longtime host, the late and great Alex Trebek. Yet there can be things he probably does miss about the original show. Recently, he dropped some hints about what he’d like to have come back and about what he’s missing, too.

“You know what I miss is, now entering the studio,” Jennings said during a pre-show chit-chat with fans on Tuesday. “I know we don’t have time anymore, but I loved seeing the contestants march in. You know?” His reference, according to TV Insider, was about how announcer Johnny Gilbert would start the show. Gilbert would say, “This is Jeopardy! Now entering the studio are today’s contestants.”

Ken Jennings of ‘Jeopardy!’ Fame Misses Some Sound Effects On Show

At one point, Jennings, who is a former champion of the famed game show, would talk about the show’s sound effects. He misses one type of them that used to be part of the show. “I also like the beep-boop-boop-boop-boop when they do the board,” Jennings said. “But those are just things lost to the constraints of time, I think.” The host would ask producer Rocky Schmidt this question. Schmidt was reportedly sitting off-camera when Jennings talked with him. “Do you miss the beep-boop-boop, or did you never like it?” Jennings would ask Schmidt. “It’s just… it cost us 5 seconds each round,” Schmidt said. Jennings then said, “Yeah, it’s timing.”

Fans seemed to join in Jennings’ desire to have one part of the old-school Jeopardy! sound effects of the show brought back to the forefront. Jennings would tweet out, “Beep-boop-boop hive rise up.” One fan replied to Jennings, saying, “As host, you have the power to tell the studio audience to make the old sound effect when the board goes in motion.” Then the fan referenced what Bob Barker would do when he hosted The Price is Right.

These fans are probably pretty happy, though, to see Jennings behind the podium right now. It is his turn to be there. And he’s also going to be heading up the famed Tournament of Champions. Ken knows a thing or two about that competition. He’s one of the greatest champs in the show’s history. Many consider him the GOAT and that’s understandable. But his run will go through the month of December. Mayim Bialik, who is hosting Celebrity Jeopardy! right now, will take over the daily duties in January. Should she need more time to work on her Fox sitcom Call Me Kat, then we might see a little more of Jennings on the daily show.