‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings Teases New Tournament of Champions Format

by Joe Rutland

When it comes to the Tournament of Champions on Jeopardy!, then Ken Jennings definitely knows a thing or two about it. After all, he did win it during his playing days. Now, as the host of the show, Jennings will be heading up this tournament when the new season rolls around. With that said, Jennings always is keeping his eye on the ball when it comes to the show. On Monday, he shared a link to the game show’s new Inside Jeopardy! podcast. There were details about the new format for the Tournament of Champions revealed on it. That’s why Ken sent along the information for his fans and those of the show to listen in and find out.

As fans of the show know, Ken will be appearing on it from September through December. After that, Mayim Bialik comes on board to steer the show herself. Could fans see some more of Jennings, though, after his time is up? Of course, anything is possible in the world of Jeopardy!.

Door Remains Open If Ken Jennings Wants To Play ‘Jeopardy!’ Again

It will have to be if Bialik needs more time on her sitcom. She is one busy lady when it comes to being on TV right now. Bialik stars on the Fox show Call Me Kat. While filming new episodes is underway, she might need more time to finish up her work. If that’s the case, then the game show’s producers will make allowances for her. In that situation, it might lead to more work for Jennings. That would not be disappointing to Ken’s longtime fans.

Now, here’s a thought for those fans. What if Ken wanted to come back and play the game? Could that be possible? According to show executive producer Michael Davies, yeah, it’s a thing, as the kids say. The door is still open for Jennings to return and be a contestant.

“But I’m telling you, it’s like if Ken is the Greatest Of All Time — kind of like Arnold Palmer who tees off at The Masters — if Ken came to me desperately and said, ‘This is it. I still want to play Jeopardy!‘” Davies said on a previous Inside Jeopardy! podcast. “I cannot believe that I would completely close the door on Ken playing any form of Jeopardy! at any point in the future.”

But the person who has closed it down looks like Ken himself. Look, he’s done everything that a person could really do on that show. Now, he’s a host along with Bialik? That’s pretty sweet and Ken’s fans get plenty of time to see him on the air. It also would be amazing, though, to see him compete again.