‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings Tributes Late Alex Trebek in Season Finale Sign Off

by Joe Rutland

Ken Jennings has a fond affection for late Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek and that was expressed during the season finale. Jennings was the host for this show and offered these words while looking into the camera. He said, “Thanks for being with us on the Alex Trebeck stage folks! As Alex used to say: So Long!” Such sweet sentiments are shared by Jennings, who received some heat for not remembering the late host’s birthday on July 22.

Still, there is love and care for Jennings, who won the Tournament of Champions with Trebek as host. Jennings did assure his own fans that he’s going the part of Jeopardy! this next season. Word came down recently that he and Mayim Bialik are going to be back. Ken will handle the daily show from September through December. Bialik will take over the role in January.

Ken Jennings of ‘Jeopardy!’ Will Have Busy Schedule With Show

But something that the show fans can keep an eye on is Bialik’s schedule. She is handling some double duty these days with her Fox sitcom Call Me Kat. Executive producer Michael Davies has said that they will make accommodations for her to complete that work. It might mean that Jennings could be called upon again in a pinch-hit role. There was some Jeopardy! fans who wanted Jennings as sole host. That did not get done so they might choose to watch only when he’s on there.

Also, there was more host news shared by Davies. Jennings’ fans can watch for him to host the Tournament of Champions and the Second Chance competition. That one is a new show from Davies and the show producers. It will give some previous contestants another shot at becoming a champion. That’s a pretty good idea and will let viewers see some people who they saw before. Bialik is going to host Celebrity Jeopardy! which always is fun to watch. We admit that it would have been so fun to see the late Norm Macdonald appear on there as his Saturday Night Live caricature of Burt Reynolds.

There also has been chatter of other spinoff shows coming down the pipeline. If there are, then look for Bialik to be a host on them, too. Jennings and Bialik came on as hosts last season. One thing that Davies has said that he would do is to keep people informed about host changes. The same goes for any scheduling issues with the show, too. How will that be done? Ah, good question. Starting on Monday, Davies and other show producers will be on a podcast titled Inside Jeopardy! Through this, they will all talk about game strategies and different Jeopardy! related topics.