‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik Debuts Edgy New Look Ahead of Season 39

by Caitlin Berard

Picture Mayim Bialik’s typical Jeopardy! look. Blouse with a blazer, business slacks or skirt, and round glasses to top it off, right? It never fails. And, to be clear, the same could be said of Ken Jennings. The game show’s new permanent host must have an entire closet full of suits, button-downs, and ties.

This isn’t by coincidence – Jeopardy! enforces a strict dress code, even with its contestants! The host of the iconic game show must always look the part.

Because of that, it’s difficult to imagine Ken Jennings or Mayim Bialik in anything but business attire. Believe it or not, however, their everyday clothes aren’t quite as formal.

Mayim Bialik illustrated this point in a recent series of Instagram posts in which she and Jonathan Cohen, her Bialik Breakdown podcast cohost, toured the TikTok headquarters.

During the tour, the Jeopardy! host sported slouchy pants, a black t-shirt, and a pair of tennis shoes. And while fans haven’t always showered praise on her Jeopardy! wardrobe, they couldn’t get enough of her edgy casual attire.

“I am seriously crushing on Mayim,” one fan wrote. “You look like two cool kids who just cut class,” another said. “I’m loving this skater style on you!” a third agreed.

‘Jeopardy!’s New Hosts Talk Pressure of Following Alex Trebek

In a typical television show, regular cast changes aren’t uncommon in the least. But Jeopardy! isn’t your average TV show. Rather than a whole cast of characters making up the show, Jeopardy! is led by a single host, who guides three contestants through the game of the day.

For 36 long years, that host was Alex Trebek, who won the hearts of viewers around the world with his quick wit and charming demeanor. Sadly, however, Alex Trebek couldn’t host the game show forever. And in 2020, the game show legend passed away, leaving Jeopardy! without its cornerstone character.

After nearly two years, we finally got not one but two new permanent hosts: Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings, who both strive to carry on Alex Trebek’s immortal legacy. Doing so, however, is no easy task.

Both hosts have been open about the immense pressure they feel in following such an incredible icon, and in a recent episode of the new Inside Jeopardy! podcast, they got candid about their fear of mistakes.

“I don’t know if it’s like this for you,” Mayim began, addressing Ken Jennings. “But I feel like if I make a mistake, even if we can go back and edit it, it feels very embarrassing. Because I think people are like, ‘Oh, she’s a celebrity,’ or ‘Oh, she’s got a PhD. She shouldn’t make simple math errors’. But sometimes I do, and it’s very stressful!”

To her relief, Ken Jennings revealed he feels the exact same way. “Smart contestant, smart audience, and then on the toss to commercial, I, like, say my name wrong or something,” Jennings agreed. “And I’m like, ‘What is even happening?'”