‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik Reveals She Has COVID

by Joe Rutland

Host Mayim Bialik of Jeopardy! shared some news with the world on Sunday. She has come down with COVID. Bialik, who hosts the game show right now while Ken Jennings has been on break, revealed the diagnosis on her social media accounts. But she’s directing people who follow her on Twitter to go check out her Instagram video.

“Hey everybody, not sure if this is clickbait or not but I have COVID,” Bialik says. “And I just posted a video, I did a live on BialikBreakdown. So, go over to BialikBreakdown, follow us while you’re at it and I do a whole video about it. So I recommend you go over there. I hope everybody’s going OK. Go over to BialikBreakdown, follow us, and watch the thing that I posted. Please? Maybe, or not. Do whatever you want. I’m going to drink this tea and go nap.”

Mayim Bialik of ‘Jeopardy!’ Has Said She’s Getting a Bit More Comfy In Role On Game Show

While Bialik did talk about her condition, one thing that she did not make clear here is her status for Jeopardy! as host. On her Instagram video, Bialik said, “I have COVID, saying that, and it’s no joke over here so I’ll do a little Instagram Live and say hello to people.” She adds that it is “very, very exhausting” to have COVID. Here’s hoping that Bialik will get better pretty soon.

Recently, she did talk about becoming “more comfortable” in her hosting role. “You know, sometimes I’ll say things, and I’ll be like, ‘How did that come out of my mouth and why?’ but that’s sort of me in life in general,” Bialik, 46, would say in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “So, I take it everywhere I go. I’m definitely becoming more comfortable.”

Besides her game show work, people who follow her know that she has a sitcom called Call Me Kat on FOX. The show has two seasons under its belt and will be coming back for Season 3. Longtime sitcom fans also know her from playing Amy, the girlfriend of Jim Parsons’ Sheldon, on The Big Bang Theory. Well, here’s some behind-the-scenes stuff about Jeopardy! and it might surprise you. The game show will be shut down sometimes for an hour in length while filming. Bialik talked about this with Steve-O on his podcast. “You just see the like, ‘Oh they rule on this,'” she said. “But any episode where we correct someone’s score, like, ‘The judges have rules that mahogany is also an acceptable tree that beings with an M,’ or whatever it is, usually means we’ve shut down for like an hour.”