‘Jeopardy’ Host Mayim Bialik Reveals She’s Only Met Ken Jennings Once

by Shelby Scott

Based on social media interaction, Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik seem to boast an extremely positive working relationship. That said, it’s interesting to think that the Big Bang Theory alum has met the all-time reigning Jeopardy! champ exactly one time.

Jeopardy! concluded its 38th season at the end of July. And when the new season premieres this September, fans will officially welcome back both Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik. However, with the two continuing to serve as permanent cohosts next season, is it possible they will gradually interact more?

Now that many beloved TV shows have moved beyond prior COVID-19 protocols, it is possible. However, during an episode of the Life is Short with Justin Long podcast, Mayim Bialik revealed she’s only met her costar once in person.

During her appearance, the neuroscientist and actress received a question regarding how she and Jennings get along. Unexpectedly, she answered, “We’ve met once.”

More specifically, she explained that Jeopardy!‘s producers are “very strict about who’s there (on set). When he’s there, he’s there. When I’m there, I’m there.”

Nevertheless, Bialik had nothing but kind words for her cohost. During her podcast appearance, she said of Jennings, “He’s obviously a legend and an icon and incredibly significant in the history of Jeopardy!…He’s unbelievable.”

Per Decider, Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings took on hosting responsibilities together last September. Since then, they’ve been switching off every few weeks following the death of Jeopardy! icon Alex Trebek in 2020. Recently, game show executives announced that not only would Bialik return to sharing hosting duties with Jennings on the game show’s flagship installment, but that she would also serve as primary host for the upcoming spinoff, Celebrity Jeopardy!

Ken Jennings to Host New ‘Jeopardy!’ Spinoff

Mayim Bialik isn’t the only one with a packed schedule this fall. While the Call Me Kat star hosts both Jeopardy! and Celebrity Jeopardy!, Jennings is slated to host the flagship series and the Tournament of Champions, not to mention the all-new Second Chance competition.

Following Trebek’s death nearly two years ago, Jeopardy! is looking to revamp its image with a host of new spinoffs and additions. Clearly, some of those include the reintroduction of Celebrity Jeopardy! as well as the new Second Chance competition.

According to this Outsider article, the Second Chance competition welcomes back former Jeopardy! contestants. The new spinoff gives them a second shot at becoming game show champions. While the Tournament of Champions, this year especially, brings back some of the viewers’ most favorite winners, Second Chance welcomes back equally talented players after they became bested by the show’s champions.

Second Chance, in addition to the game show’s all-new podcast, Inside Jeopardy!, offers fans a new look at the decades-old game show, with executive producer Michael Davies spearheading these brand new projects.