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‘Jeopardy!’: How Mattea Roach Plans to Spend Winnings After Show Provided ‘Pathway to Financial Security’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

Mattea Roach might have concluded her impressive 23-game winning streak on “Jeopardy!” this week. However, just because her reign came to an end doesn’t mean she doesn’t get to take home a heaping reward. After nearly two dozen impressive games, Mattea Roach won a total of $560,983. And while she’s unsure of what that amounts to in Canadian dollars, her run on “Jeopardy!” has provided her with “financial security” in her youth nonetheless.

In a personal tell-all detailing her experience on “Jeopardy!,” the game show champ revealed not only how much money she won, but how that impressive sum has, literally, changed her life.

“I have no idea what $560,983 in winnings will amount to after the IRS takes their share and I convert the rest into Canadian dollars,” Roach said, “but I know that it’s enough money to reshape my financial future.”

Game Show Champ Plans to Invest in Her Future

Mattea Roach explained that she believed the “best possible outcome” from her run on “Jeopardy!” would be that she would be able to cover the total for her student loans. However, in just a few games, the contestant well-surpassed her debt.

Now, following her 23-game streak, she shared plans for what she plans to do with the rest of her winnings.

“I’m looking at earnings that could put me through law school debt-free, or that could serve as the better part of a down payment for a home a few years down the road.”

Whatever Mattea Roach plans to do after “Jeopardy!,” we just know the game show has altered the path of her life in a memorable, unique way. She concluded, “I never expected that becoming a 23-day Jeopardy! champion would be my pathway to financial security in my twenties, but I feel so blessed that things have turned out this way.”

How Does Mattea Roach Compare Against ‘Jeopardy!’ All-Time Wins?

Mattea Roach’s run on “Jeopardy!” may have come to an abrupt halt, but, nevertheless, she’s still launched her name in the canon of the American game show. Now, following her 23rd and final game, we’re here to take a look at how the 23-year-old law student compares to former “Jeopardy!” champs across the board.

Overall, Mattea Roach now holds the fifth-longest “Jeopardy!” winning streak for any Canadian contestant.

In addition, she also holds a spot within the Top-5 “Jeopardy!” contestants to take home the most earnings. Further, 5 remains Roach’s number as she now holds the fifth-place spot for most consecutive “Jeopardy!” games of all time. Roach places behind all-time champ Ken Jennings, Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio, and James Holzhauer.

In speaking to her rank alongside the game show’s top five all-time players, Roach said, “When I think of the caliber of those four players, I really don’t feel like I deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as them.”