‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Gives Major Props to Show’s Longtime Stage Manager Ahead of His Final Episode

by Sean Griffin

Jeopardy! host and former iconic contestant Ken Jennings took to Twitter to congratulate a stage manager for the show.

Jimmy McGuire, Jeopardy! stage manager posted a series of photos covering a NASCAR event from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

“Please tune-in today/tonight as I take my ‘final lap as a proud 21-year member of the @Jeopardy #cluecrew bringing you @NASCAR clues from @LVMotorSpeedway!” McGuire wrote. “It’s been one heck of a ride and I am so grateful!”

Ken Jennings retweeted McGuire’s post and added a few kind words of his own.

“[Love] to ace @Jeopardy stage manager/living legend Jimmy McGuire,” Jennings wrote.

Members of the Jeopardy! community on Twitter responded to Jennings’ tweet, thanking McGuire for his service to the show. “Wow….thank you Jimmy….have appreciated your work,” one user tweeted.

Another user commented that they hope Ken Jennings remains as permanent host. “Thank you Jimmy! And can’t wait to see you @KenJennings back on in a few weeks. I sure hope you become permanent host. You’re the best besides Alex.”

One user seemed to be in denial about McGuire’s departure. They wrote, “I have to believe that @JimmyClueCrew isn’t really leaving the show. Hopefully he’s taking on a new role. There was no “goodbye” or “thank you” or anything on that episode indicating he was leaving. If it was his final goodbye then there should have been SOMETHING.”

Will Ken Jennings Be ‘Jeopardy!’s Permanent Host?

Some fans have recently debated whether Ken Jennings will be the next permanent host of Jeopardy! As this Outsider article reveals, some fans noticed a scheduling conflict that may point to Jennings being a permanent host.

Fans have been tirelessly awaiting the announcement of a permanent host to replace iconic host Alex Trebek. Theories online pose many names as potential replacements. However, no official announcements or timelines have been released to fans.

However, some fans online think that a future scheduling conflict involving interim host Mayim Bialik may reveal the new host.

Bialik isn’t just the current Jeopardy! interim host. She also has her own sitcom: Call Me Kat. Season 3 of Call Me Kat will air around the same time as Jeopardy!’s thirty-ninth season airs. Jeopardy! watchers were quick to notice this detail.

Many fans believe that this may produce a scheduling conflict for Bialik. If that’s the case, they assume she won’t be able to continue both shows. If this fan theory proves to be correct, Ken Jennings would be a logical choice.

Because of this scheduling conflict, fans believe that Mayim Bialik won’t have time for both shows. And, if that’s the case, Ken Jennings is the clear choice. A Reddit user noted the news was great for Ken Jennings supporters.

“The should be another good sign pointing towards Ken hosting the syndicated show full-time,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “I’m so happy for her! I would love for Ken to finally be the one true host. The host that was promised,” another said.

It’s clear that Ken Jennings will have big shoes to fill if he does step into the role of permanent Jeopardy! host. This TV Insider article explores when a permanent host may be announced.