‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Leaving Hosting Duties ‘for a Few Months’

by Joe Rutland

You will have to do without Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings for a bit as he’s stepping away from the famed game show right now. Jennings, who hosts the show along with Mayim Bialik, has announced on Twitter this news. From what we know, this departure is not forever so we’ll ease your minds, Ken fans.

You might be able to tell that Jennings drops this news, and it is news, while congratulating 23-game winner Mattea Roach. He also tells fans that he’ll be away for a few months. But Jennings assures viewers who love to see him behind the podium that he’s coming back. Yes, he will return before the season ends.

Fans of ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings Aren’t Happy With This News

As usual, Jeopardy! fans have opinions about this situation. One writes, “A few months?! That’s a long time without the true host”. Not a Mayim fan, eh? The next one says, “Hopefully permanently. Come on, @jeopardy, just give him the job already.” This fan comments, “Ken, you’re an awesome host with not only natural skill but also the ability to command the respect of viewers and players. Show is better with you hosting”. It looks like these fans only will be happy when Jennings takes over on a full-time basis.

Let’s turn to some Mayim and Ken news that’s pretty hilarious. Bialik also stars in a sitcom titled Call Me Kat and an interviewer asked her if she’d be interested to have Jennings on the show. After a laugh, she says, “No, I think Ken’s pretty busy. But I would love to have him on if he’s interested.” Bialik also talked about hosting the show after a few months versus just starting out. “My heart is not completely leaping out of my chest, which is what it did for most of the first months. I do feel a little bit calmer,” Bialik said.

Jennings Might Be Rare Exception To Certain Type Of Rule

For game show hosts, a certain age might be the fixation around being a contestant too. Jennings’ fans are airing their thoughts about how he might be a rare exception to this type of rule. “At least in the case of Ken, 2020 Ken seemed to be way better than 2004 Ken, despite being 45 in 2020 and 30 in 2004,” one fan writes on Reddit. “What gives? Is Ken just a unicorn that get better as he ages, or is the ideal age of a contestant higher than previous theorized, perhaps more like 40?”

This fan says, “From my own experience, I was intellectually sharpest at 35. After that, I noticed gradually that it became more and more difficult to retrieve known information.”