‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings Makes Fans Cringe With Shocking Crude Joke

by Megan Molseed

Jeopardy! GOAT Ken Jennings has returned to the iconic game show’s hosting podium this week. The 48-year-old former Jeopardy! champ took over this role Monday after months away from the TV quiz show. Filling in for Mayim Bialik who has taken on this role previously.

However, Jennings’ return had a brief cringey moment during the Monday return after the host makes contestants cringe with a decidedly crude joke. And fans are having mixed reactions to the comment.

Jeopardy! GOAT Ken Jennings Has A ‘Painful’ Moment During His Return To The Hosting Podium

During a recent Double Jeopardy! round one clue under the category “Active Bible Verses” reads “Since no one had done this for 40 years, God told Joshua to get a knife & do this to male Israelites.”

Contestant Erica Weiner Amanchi buzzes in with the correct answer: “What is, Circumcise?” This was the correct question to fit the clue. And, in acknowledging this, Jennings jokes “that is correct. A painful $2,000 for you!”

The camera then moves to the three contestants…all of whom seem to be shocked as they cringe at the comment. However, fans of the popular game show had a blast with this comment. Finding the quip to be quite hilarious.

Fans Get A Kick Out Of Ken Jennings’ NSFW Joke

One fan of the popular game show comments that it’s moments like these that have been missed during the Jeopardy! champ’s time away from the hosting duties.

“@Jeopardy @KenJennings ‘A painful $2,000 for you,’” one commenter quips in a response to the joke.

“Thank you,” the commenter adds. “Welcome back. You were missed.”

“’ A painful 2,000 dollars for you,’” another fan comments in response to the hilarious comment, adding a cry laugh emoji to the comment.

“@KenJennings continuing to be one of my favorite humans ever,” the Jeopardy! fan continues in the message.

Fans Are Pleased To See Jennings Back In The Hosting Role

Another fan notes that it’s moments like these that should seal the deal for the game show’s showrunners when deciding on who should be the full-time host; Jennings or Mayim Bialik.

“@Jeopardy has the easiest decision in their hands,” one fan quips, alluding to the long-standing debate.

“Ken Jennings just made a circumcision joke on [Jeopardy!],” another says. “Make him the official host already.”

“Gotta laugh at Ken Jennings’ quick quip,” one fan acknowledges.

While another fan makes a quip of their own.

“Painful not for you but for her Ken,” the fan teases.