‘Jeopardy!’ Legend James Holzhauer Hilariously Calls Out Show’s Contestant Coordinator

by Megan Molseed

James Holzhauer is among the most successful Jeopardy! contestants of all time. So, it only makes sense that contestants who are stepping up to the podium to compete in the popular TV game show take on part of his look, hoping some of Holzhauer’s success will rub off onto them.

However, one contestant’s effort along these lines did not bring the intended results. And Holzhauer hilariously points out why this didn’t work in a recent Tweet, jokingly calling out the Jeopardy! contestant coordinator.

One Jeopardy! Contestant Hopes To Find Success On The Game Show By Copying James Holzhauer’s Look

In a recent Twitter post, Jeopardy! contestant Jin-Soo Huh explains the reason he picked a “jewel tone” sweater to wear during a recent episode. According to the player, the “Jeopardy!” contestant coordinator suggested the wardrobe choice, noting that wearing “jewel tones” may give him the same success James Holzhauer found when competing on the hit game show years before. However, the player hilariously notes that this technique did not work as planned.

The sentiment is great, no doubt. But, James Holzhauer soon responds to Jin-Soo Huh’s game plan, posting a hilarious message to the player on his own Twitter account.

James Holzhauer Doesn’t Think The Jewel-Toned Clothes Technique Is The Way To Go

By Friday, July 15, James Holzhauer responded to Jin-Soo Huh’s hilarious take on Holzhauer’s jewel-toned wardrobe, hilariously calling out the Jeopardy! “contestant coordinator” who made the wardrobe suggestion. It seems. James Holzhauer points out that the jewel-tone look didn’t bring him much luck during his Jeopardy! run.

“Here’s the jewel tone shirt I bought on Lauri’s advice,” James Holzhauer shares on his own Twitter page. This message includes a photo of himself competing on the popular game show.

“and what happened the first time I wore it,” the Jeopardy! champ adds, noting the scores depicted in the pic – scores that very clearly land Holzhauer in the second-place spot.

“You got hustled bro,” the Jeopardy! champ quips.