‘Jeopardy!’: Local Fans, Politician Call Out Major Error in New York-Based Clue

by Shelby Scott

As we near the end of Jeopardy! season 38, fans have become rather critical of the game show. In recent weeks, viewers have fired shots at contestants, producers, and, perhaps most prominently, current host Mayim Bialik. During a recent airing, the 46-year-old caught flack after presenting a category, “Texting Abbreviations,” with many fans arguing that none of the abbreviations actually exist. Now, New York-based audiences, not to mention a local legislator, are again calling out Jeopardy! for presenting contestants with an incorrectly written clue.

According to the New York Post, Long Islanders were shocked when a question about one Nassau County Village boasted an incorrect answer. As per the outlet, the question read, “Type of institution that has a ‘row’ in Garden City on Long Island, including one about firefighting and a children’s one.”

The answer: museum. That part of the question may have been correct. However, it was the first half of the clue that irked New England viewers. Thanks to Long Islanders, Jeopardy! fans, contestants, and, most especially, Mayim Bialik stood corrected when Nassau County legislator Siela Bynoe set out to correct the game show’s question writers.

Uniondale Politician Blasts ‘Jeopardy!’ After Regional Mixup

Instead of Garden City, Bynoe pointed out that Museum Row is actually located in Uniondale, and argued that the game show’s misstep discredits the hardworking people of Uniondale.

In a letter, Bynoe addressed Jeopardy!, writing, “For many years, Uniondale community leaders have fought to ensure their hometown receives the full recognition that it deserves from government and media organizations.”

That said, the outlet pointed out the game show was extremely close in its clue, with Garden City, Uniondale, and nearby Hempstead confusing even locals due to its zig-zag nature. Nevertheless, the New York legislator has set out to right the wrong.

Bynoe continued, “Guided by a shared desire ‘to make Uniondale whole,’ they and the hamlet’s elected officials engage in sustained advocacy to ensure regional attractions such as Museum Row are not erroneously attributed to neighboring communities.”

So far, the game show has not responded to the backlash, though updates following the flub may follow here.

This Category Made Absolutely No Sense to Fans

It seems like Jeopardy!‘s question generators have lost their edge because fans continue to spot error after error. Ahead of the game show’s latest fumble, Mayim Bialik presented a category entitled “Texting Abbreviations.”

Before diving into the category’s clues, fans assumed they would see answers like “be right back,” “in my opinion,” or “to be honest.” However, when Mayim Bialik began revealing the clues, fans and contestants alike were unable to muster up an answer.

One clue read, “Talk to you tomorrow, I’m ‘OTB.'” After a long pause, the show’s newest star, Eric, identified the correct answer. However, it would be the only one.

Other clues read, “FC is this hopeful condition” and “Where have you been? ‘LTNS.'”

The answers are “fingers crossed” and “long time, no see,” if you were curious. Nevertheless, fans let Jeopardy! have it, arguing literally none of the clues are actual abbrevations. Hopefully, by the game show’s next airing, Bialik will land on her feet and avoid further criticism.