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‘Jeopardy!’: Mattea Roach Explains How She Hopes Fans ‘Remember’ Her on Show

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Mattea Roach has definitely differentiated herself uniquely from former “Jeopardy!” champions. However, following the conclusion of her historic 23-game winning streak, the latest game show champ shared with fans how she hopes they’ll remember her in the future. See what she has to say about her “Jeopardy!” legacy and her plans following her run on the game show below.

“I hope people remember me as a player that was a lot of fun to watch and a player that created some interesting television by not having that many runaway games.”

Roach Established Her Game Show Individuality Early on

While Mattea Roach will remain a memorable player amid “Jeopardy!’s” all-time Top 5, she’s also established her place within the game show’s history for a multitude of other reasons.

Like Amy Schneider, Mattea Roach came to the show as both a woman and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. The “Jeopardy!” champ spoke to the former in the clip above, and what exactly it means for a woman to establish her place within the fame show’s all-time Top 5 players.

“[I]t means a lot to be a successful woman on ‘Jeopardy!'” Roach explained. “I think for such a long time it’s been all of these G.O.A.T.s that are men and they’re wonderful and they’re amazing players. But like, why is it all men?”

More simply, Mattea Roach also established her individuality within the world of “Jeopardy!” simply through her youth and her quirky appearance and gameplay. At 23 years old, Roach came to the show with a collection of tattoos, a stylish septum piercing, and a style of playing that was more fun and casual than many fans had seen before.

Mattea Roach is set to return for “Jeopardy!’s” Tournament of Champions, alongside former champs including Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio.

Who Mattea Roach Thinks Should Become Permanent ‘Jeopardy!’ Host

Mattea Roach has been, likely, the most popular topic in recent weeks within the world of “Jeopardy!” However, alongside the young law student’s impressive winning streak, another common topic surrounds that of the game show’s potential permanent host. For months, fans have debated whether Ken Jennings or his co-host Mayim Bialik should step in as full-time host.

Now, after a 23-game winning streak, Roach revealed her thoughts regarding the illustrious game show position.

“I think Ken [Jennings should host] because of his history with the show,” Roach shared with Vulture. She continued, “As a contestant, there’s something really special about being on stage with the greatest player of all time. Somebody who understands in a very visceral way what it’s like to be in your position.”

She further reasoned, “Mayim [Bialik] is fantastic, but she doesn’t have that same experience.”