‘Jeopardy!’: New Champ Eric Ahasic Runs Away With Back-to-Back Victories

by Caitlin Berard

After weeks of rooting for Philadelphia native Ryan Long, fans were devastated when the super champ lost to Jeopardy! newcomer Eric Ahasic. The charming meteorologist, however, has already begun to win fans over with his unfaltering grin, hilarious cat stories, and daring strategy.

A lifelong fan of the iconic game show, Eric Ahasic is no stranger to the rules of the game. Though he says that playing the game in person is “much harder” than shouting answers at the TV, his nerves never come across on screen.

On the contrary, he answers every question with ease and bets incredible amounts on every Daily Double. And though his reign as Jeopardy! champ has just begun, he’s already impressing both fans and host Mayim Bialik with his seemingly endless well of knowledge. Eric Ahasic now has two runaway games under his belt, with a 93% success rate in his responses.

If Eric’s performances remain this strong, he’ll have no difficulty making his way to the Tournament of Champions later this year alongside other fan-favorite contestants Ryan Long and Mattea Roach.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Calls First Game the ‘Most Nervous’ He’s Ever Been

Eric Ahasic appears to possess an easy confidence when it comes to the game, but the Jeopardy! champ revealed that, in reality, he’s barely holding himself together. In an interview with MPR News, an outlet local to his hometown of Minneapolis, Eric explained that appearing on Jeopardy! for the first time was incredibly nerve-wracking.

“It was honestly, I think, one of the most nervous I’ve ever been,” he said. “The whole morning leading up to it and then getting to the studio and hearing that you’re gonna go up against a 16-game champion, Ryan Long, who’s won almost $300,000, definitely didn’t help the nerves. But everyone on staff there is so great at just calming everybody down in what is obviously a very high-stress situation for all the contests there.”

Once the game was underway, Eric’s nerves calmed slightly. When it came time for Final Jeopardy!, however, the anxiety was stronger than ever. “Honestly, when you’re in the game, it just goes so fast you don’t really have time to be nervous,” Eric explained. “Although I will say, the Final Jeopardy! question at the end where you wager your money and write it on the prompter there, my hand was shaking.”

“And I have pretty bad handwriting to begin with,” he continued. “So I hope it didn’t look even worse than it normally does with my hand shaking trying to write that final answer down, which I was lucky enough to get right.”