‘Jeopardy!’ New Champ Ryan Long Explains How His Brain Is Like a ‘Storage Locker’

by Shelby Scott

After the impressive reign of the latest super champ on “Jeopardy!“, Mattea Roach, the iconic game show has welcomed a new champ. Following Ryan Long’s fifth win on “Jeopardy!” the latest champ explained how his knowledgable brain is like a “storage locker.”

“Jeopardy!’s” posted a clip from the show in which Ryan and host Mayim Bialik have a discussion about his seemingly endless knowledge. “Ryan’s got so many facts bouncing around his brain he doesn’t know what to do with them all.” However, what does Ryan Long himself have to say about it?

“Everything that comes out here is floating around in here somewhere,” the new game show contestant shared with “Jeopardy!” host Mayim Bialik. Gesturing at his head, he continued, “It’s just in there, I swear.”

While the game show contestant’s answer, Lake Baikal, saw him achieve a total of $26,000, he humorously admitted to not knowing certain things about the body of water.

“Did you know it has more than 20% of the world’s unfrozen fresh water?” Bialik asked. “No,” he scoffed. “I didn’t even know it was in Siberia.”

Nevertheless, of his vast collection of knowledge, he continued, “It’s like a storage locker that, it’s just been filling up with stuff for, you know, four years almost.”

While fans of the game show definitely adored 23-year-old law student Mattea Roach, “Jeopardy!” lovers have plenty of things to say about Ryan Long, many of which are extremely positive.

“I love Ryan Long,” one fan wrote in the comments. “Wishing you the best.”

Another added, “Ryan’s got the knowledge and the best understated demeanor, love watching him win and hope it continues for weeks!”

Everything We Know About ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Ryan Long

While we know Ryan Long has a stocked storage locker of a brain, what else do we know about audiences’ latest fan-favorite contestant? We’ve listed all the facts here for you.

Hailing from Mount Airy, Pennsylvania, a neighborhood of Northwest Philadelphia, Ryan Long achieved his fifth “Jeopardy!” win on Thursday, May 19th. When he’s not spitting facts on the game show stage, News Station 6 reports fans can find him driving for both Uber and Lyft while attempting to cover his bills and attain better financial security following health problems in 2021.

As of now, the game show contestant has amassed an impressive $105,801, a far cry from his predecessor’s $560,983. However, despite the discrepancy in earnings thus far, Ryan Long has proved to be just as likable as “Jeopardy!’s” previous champions.

However, while fans of the game show enjoyed Matt Amodio’s calculating gameplay and Mattea Roach’s quirky, fun personality, Long differs from his predecessors. Part of why fans have already begun to root for his enduring success is that they’re able to identify with him. Just like many audience members, the “Jeopardy!” contestant is working to make ends meet, though in a way many of us don’t have the ability to do.

Another smaller factor that makes him extremely likable, especially in the animal lovers’ community, is that he’s frequently fostering kittens. Truthfully, what’s not to love?