‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Robert Won Reveals His Main Concern on the Show

by Caitlin Berard

As a Jeopardy! contestant, having a vast amount of knowledge in a wide variety of topics is an incredibly useful tool. But a bit of luck and a strong betting strategy are important ingredients for becoming a champion as well, as new champ Robert Won learned in a recent episode.

Robert, a math professor from Washington, DC, went up against two tough competitors in Friday’s game: Leigh Jahnig, an attorney from Chicago, Illinois, and Brian Ahern, a one-day champion and user support associate from Daly City, California.

The three competitors were neck in neck in the early game. As the Final Jeopardy approached, however, Robert Won began to pull away. Coming into the final clue, Robert had amassed a whopping $23,700, while Leigh and Brian only had $16,000 and $6,200, respectively.

“A 2021 study suggested that an asteroid that struck the Jordan Valley c. 1650 B.C. gave rise to the story of this city in Genesis 19,” Mayim Bialik read. Brian Ahern responded incorrectly with “What is Babel?” dropping his score all the way to $0. Robert and Leigh both gave the correct response, however, “What is Sodom?”

Robert bet $8,301, putting his final score at $32,001. Leigh, who bet far more than her competitor, raised her score by an astounding $16,000. This put her final score at $32,000 – just one dollar shy of the new champ’s winning amount.

New ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Robert Won Reveals He Was ‘Terrified’ by ‘Wrong Wager’

Following his incredibly close victory over Leigh Jahnig, Robert Won heaved a sigh of relief. For Robert, however, a $1 win was a little too close for comfort. In a post-game conversation with host Mayim Bialik, Robert confessed that he was worried that his conservative betting strategy would cost him the win.

“I was terrified,” Won explained. “I’m a math professor and I wagered wrong. If I lost [because of] a wrong wager, my colleagues wouldn’t let me hear the end of that.”

“You did it right by one dollar,” Mayim replied.

Thanks to his skills in math and history, Robert Won will continue on Jeopardy! next week as the show’s newest champ, which he can add to his list of accolades right beneath “New York Times crossword puzzle creator”!

In his pre-game interview with Mayim Bialik, Robert explained how that impressive achievement came to be. “Among crossword puzzle aficionados, you have recently achieved a very high honor. Tell us about it,” Mayim said.

“After quite a few rejections, I got a crossword that I constructed accepted at The New York Times,” Robert replied. “It’ll run on a Tuesday. I just don’t know exactly when.”