‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Ryan Long Reveals What’s Next After His Win Streak

by Taylor Cunningham

Ryan Long concluded his record-making run on Jeopardy! last week, and now that he’s back to life as normal, there is only one thing that he wants to do—spend some quality time with his kid.

“I’ve been telling people I just want to take my son fishing,” he told USA Today. “That’s pretty much where I’m at.”

The 39-year-old ride-share driver won an impressive 16 competitions on the game show, which gave him official legend status. It also gave him an extra $299,400.

Now that Long has the money in his bank, he’s ditching his gigs with Uber and Lyft to pursue other dreams. Though, he’s not yet clear on what those are. But most importantly, he hopes to be an inspiration to fans who may think they’re not primed for the type of success he’s enjoyed.

“I don’t care what you do or what people tell you you are, what society tells you you are, if you think you can do it, get up there and do it,” he urged. “If it’s possible, if you feel like you can really do it, then don’t let that fear hold you back.” 

And as for Ryan Long’s new fortune, he’s going to let someone else handle it for now.

“I’ve got to get a bunch of stuff figured out before I can even go kind of crazy,” he admitted. “I just made my first ever appointment with an accountant today. I never had a need for an accountant—or a lawyer. Now, I’m looking into getting both, and it’s really trippy.”

Long is also planning to focus on increasing his endurance and stamina now that he’s back home in Philadelphia. Because he said he realized how much he struggled in those areas when he filmed his 17 episodes.

“That was not a thing that I thought about at all before I went the first time, just the sheer act of standing there under the lights all day and hustling back and forth between wardrobe and makeup and the stage,” he said. “I’m going to try to trim down a little bit, and I’ll see what happens.”

Ryan Long Did Not Purposely End His Streak on ‘Jeopardy!’

And while he was chatting with the publication, he also wanted to set something straight. He did not “throw” his final game.

Long ended falling to Minneapolis meteorologist Eric Ahasic. Initially, a wrong answer about Dr. Martin Luther King set the odds against Long. Then he went into Final Jeopardy! betting all but one dollar. He answered the question incorrectly and came in third place.

Theories immediately began brewing that he intentionally lost the game. But he said that is absolutely not true.

“I didn’t throw the game,” he promised. ” I didn’t lay down for it, but I wasn’t sad that I lost either, and I felt like I was maybe ready to go, but I didn’t lay down. But I knew I wasn’t on my top form that day when the Daily Double with Dr. King came up.”