‘Jeopardy’ Star James Holzhauer Hilariously Calls Out the Show’s Social Media Team

by Megan Molseed

Jeopardy! champ James Holzhauer has a hilarious suggestion on how the game show’s social media team should approach new posts. And, the Jeopardy! winner notes, this suggestion could save the game shows social media team time in the long run!

In 2003, the long-running popular TV game show got rid of a long tradition that only allowed the game show’s contestants a five-day run. Since then, the popular answer-question game show has seen some impressive championship runs.

From Ken Jennings to Matt Amodio, or Amy Schnieder, Holzhauer, and most recently, Ryan Long and Megan Wachspress…among others, Jeopardy! has seen some impressive champion runs over the years! And, Holzhauer hilariously suggests, at this point, it may be easier for the Jeopardy! social media team to highlight the Jeopardy! episodes without a champion who is in the middle of a streak!

Jeopardy! Posts A Congratulations To Current Champ, Megan Wachspress, Prompting Holzhauer To Make A Hilarious Suggestion

When the Jeopardy! Twitter page posted a congratulations message to the game show’s current champion, Megan Wachspress, and her making it to the show’s famed Tournament of Champions, James Holzhauer couldn’t help but share a hilarious idea with his Twitter followers.

Retweeting a message from the Jeopardy! Twitter page that is captioned “Make way for Megan! She’s on her way to the ToC!” Holzhauer adds his own message, suggesting that, at this point, it may be easier for the popular game show to take another approach.

“Jeopardy’s social media team should save time by alerting us when there’s NOT someone streaking,” the Jeopardy! champion quips in his tweet.

With the impressive run of champion Jeopardy! players we have seen recently, this may be the most efficient approach. However, we never get tired of reading about the major wins these champs are tallying up!

Megan Wachspress Shares How “Unbelievably Lucky” She Has Been While On The Road To The Tournament Of Champions

The upcoming episode of the Jeopardy! champion match, the Tournament of Champions promises to be a great one as some major contenders are on the list. Now, Megan Wachspress is added to the list. This, of course, comes after she completed a five-game winning streak this week.

Wachspress, a Berkley, California attorney, won her fifth consecutive Jeopardy! early this week. Additionally, as of the game that qualified the champion, Wachspress’s winnings add up to $52,002. Now, the champ is taking to Twitter to share how “unbelievably lucky” she has been in this impressive Jeopardy! run.

“I am well aware of how unbelievably lucky I am,” Megan Wachspress shares in a June 21 Twitter post.

“how brilliant and quick my opponents have been,” the champ adds in her message.

“and how bizarre a run this has been,” Wachspress continues. “Excited for the possibility of meeting some true super-champs at ToC and a shot at redemption if pirates somehow come up.