‘Jeopardy!’ Star James Holzhauer Reveals Two ‘Huge Announcements’ for ‘Game Show Boot Camp’

by Joe Rutland

If getting on a game show like Jeopardy! is a dream of yours, then pay attention because show star James Holzhauer wants your attention. See, he’s going to be part of “Game Show Boot Camp” in the lovely little town of Las Vegas. Holzhauer also will have some friends appear, too. On Thursday, he offered up a couple of “huge announcements” for the upcoming event. On Twitter, Holzhauer announced that Jeopardy! will have an in-person audition happen. Also, Amy Schneider, who won 40 games, will be there, too. Take a look at not only an earlier tweet but the one Holzhauer shared with some good news.

If you keep up with Holzhauer, then you know that he can be seen on the ABC game show The Chase. He did have some Jeopardy! company on there with his old buddy Ken Jennings. But Jennings did leave that show and he’s busy with hosting duties over on Jeopardy! along with Mayim Bialik. And yes, fans of the show want Jennings to hang around a lot longer.

James Holzhauer of ‘Jeopardy!’ Keeps People Interested In His Comments on Twitter

By the way, if you want to keep up with Holzhauer, one good way is by following him on Twitter. This guy has a few comments on many things, it seems. He recently rather hilariously called out the show’s social media team. In response to a tweet about Megan Wachspress’ success on there, Holzhauer writes, “Jeopardy’s social media team should save time by alerting us when there’s NOT someone streaking.”

Oh, James, you make us laugh a lot. Hey, he’s not through here. Holzhauer would liken himself to Las Vegas in a way. Again, on Twitter, he writes, “One of these options has a persistent house advantage that guarantees you’ll eventually lose every penny. The other is a trip to America’s finest city”. What brought this on? The Chase’s Twitter account asked people if they would rather go to Las Vegas with him or face him on the game show. It should be noted that Holzhauer is a bit of a gambler, too. 

So, you’d have to pick between visiting Sin City with him alone or going up against him on the game show. It’s a tough call for some because there probably are those who love game shows. That would be where you go to “Game Show Boot Camp” and learn the tricks of that trade. Who knows? You could take what you learn there and then choose between a game show or squaring off with Holzhauer. It would be tempting to simply take Holzhauer to the craps table or even a game of blackjack. He’s got to be some dude with nerves of steel as well.