‘Jeopardy!’: The New Champ Who Beat Ryan Long Is on a 5-Game Hot Streak

by Caitlin Berard

Ryan Long was an impressive Jeopardy! champion, racking up 16 straight wins and nearly $300,000 in winnings. So when Eric Ahasic dethroned him, fans knew he would be a strong contender. No one, however, could have guessed just how strong he would be.

In just five days, new Jeopardy! champ Eric Ahasic has amassed an incredible $133,801 in winnings. And not only does he have a five-game winning streak but 4 out of 5 of those victories were runaways. Eric absolutely demolishes the competition with his astounding breadth of knowledge. He answers 85% of the Daily Doubles correctly and 92% of his total answers are the right ones.

When asked if he expected to have such an unusually strong run on Jeopardy!, Eric responded, “Expected? No. I mean, Daily Doubles are so random, but they’re such an integral part of the game. And if there’s one that’s in a category you like, you could really do some damage right there.”

For the lifelong Jeopardy! fan, the best part about his run is simply being on the iconic set. “Just to be able to do it for real…and do it well,” Eric explained. “And to actually win a game, let alone five is…I mean, it’s just incredible. It’s fantastic. And I’m just so happy to be a part of this game.”

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On top of his seemingly endless well of knowledge, Eric Ahasic also has fantastic luck. Out of the 15 Daily Double clues available in his five games, Eric found 13 of them, making his 85% DD average that much more impressive.

“That’s the thing, not [only do you] have to find them, you’ve got to get them right,” Eric said of Daily Doubles. “There were I think one or two where I bet big and got them wrong. But it’s going to happen. There’s so many ups and downs in the game of Jeopardy! You’ve just got to stay with it.”

With five victories under his belt, Eric Ahasic has already qualified for the Tournament of Champions later this year. And, unsurprisingly, he can barely contain his excitement. “Just as a fan of Jeopardy! I was excited to watch it on TV,” Eric explained of the Tournament. “To be a part of it and play on stage with some of those super champions – I mean, it’s going to be a blast. I cannot wait.”

With his outstanding performance thus far, Eric Ahasic is well on his way to becoming a super champion himself!