‘Jeopardy!’: Three of the Top Ten Biggest Winners in Show History Competed in 2022

by Taylor Cunningham

2022 has been legendary for Jeopardy! Out of all 38 years that the game show has been on the air, three of the biggest winners came from this current season, and it’s not even over yet.

On the list of the Top Ten Consecutive Games Won, this calendar year has brought Amy Schneider, Mattea Roach, and Ryan Long.

Schneider sits as the second longest-running Jeopardy! champ ever with 40 wins. The only person to outpace her was Ken Jennings with 74 wins in 2004.

The 42-year-old engineering manager first joined the show on November 17, 2021, and knocked five-time champion Andrew He out of the competition. During her run, she amassed $1,382,800 in total winnings, which puts her at number four on the list of highest earners on the show.

Schneider was defeated by Rhone Talsma on February 8, 2022. And since leaving the show, she’s been focused on penning a personal memoir.

“I’m really excited about it,” she admitted. “The chance to put all the stuff I’ve been thinking my whole life into a book is kind of exciting,” said Schneider.

Mattea Roach Made it to Number 5 on the ‘Jeopardy!’ Consecutive Games Won Board

Mattea Roach played her first trivia game on April 5, 2022, and lasted for an impressive 23 wins. That streak ranks her as the fifth-longest running player on Jeopardy! The career tutor from Ontario, Canada, raked in $562,983 ($725,533 Canadian) while showcasing her wits. And that also places her just under Schneider on the list of Highest Winnings.

Roach’s last appearance was on May 6, 2022. That day, Danielle Maurer defeated her after Mauer made a $2,800 Daily Double wager that gave her enough of an edge to beat out the other players during Final Jeopardy!

“I found it difficult,” Roach said of her time on Jeopardy!, “even in moments when I was experiencing great success or when I was doing things that were objectively enjoyable, to disconnect myself from thought processes which reminded me that all good things must eventually come to an end.”

Finally, 32-year-old ride-share driver Ryan Long made a run on the show just recently. He first played a game on May 13, 2022. And after winning 16 in a row, he was ousted by Eric Ahasic on June 6th.

Long’s streak ranked him as the 9th longest-running Jeopardy! champion in history. And while starring in the show, he managed to earn $299,400.

After walking away from Jeopardy!, his message to everyone was to ignore that voice in your head that says you’re not good enough and just chase your dreams.

“I don’t care what you do or what people tell you you are, what society tells you you are, if you think you can do it, get up there and do it,” he told USA Today. “If it’s possible, if you feel like you can really do it, then don’t let that fear hold you back.”