‘Jeopardy!’: Upcoming Season Will Reportedly Do Away With One Significant Feature

by Sean Griffin

Jeopardy! fans have endured many changes to the beloved show over the past few years. The unfortunate death of long-time host Alex Trebek marked the eventual announcement of Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik as co-hosts.

However, Season 39 brings new changes to the show, as well. Since live tapings of the show have begun, some changes to the new season began leaking.

As The Sun detailed, those lucky enough to witness tapings as live audience members noted a major change.

It’s official: the Jeopardy! Clue Crew is no more. The four-person team once helped Alex Trebek read off clues from themed categories. Normally, members of the Clue Crew reported from locations around the world to recite a clue. However, it seems that Season 38 marked the end of the Clue Crew.

The Ringer’s Claire McNear relayed the news on Twitter in a lengthy Clue Crew-related thread.

As stated before, Jeopardy! fans are used to changes, especially with the barrage of guest hosts in recent years. However, this really doesn’t change the actual game format. One Clue Crew member, Kelly Miyahara, left the show in 2019. Two of the Clue Crew are still working on the staff: Sarah Whitcomb Foss produces for the show, while Jimmy McGuire serves show’s stage manager.

In July, McGuire tweeted about his “final lap” as a Clue Crew member of 21 years. This can be seen as an early indicator of the Clue Crew’s ultimate demise.

While the Clue Crew seems gone for good, the show will most likely stick to having celebrities and other guest readers recite clues to keep the show lively.

‘Jeopardy’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’s Deal with PlutoTV

Jeopardy! fans will be happy to learn the news that classic episodes of the show will be available to stream. Pluto TV announced the launch of two new free streaming channels on Monday, August 1st. The two new channels—available now—show solely either Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy! Hosted by Alex Trebek episodes. These episodes won’t be new, however; they’ll be classic episodes of these syndicated game shows.

Viewers can watch Pluto TV’s selection of either show for free via live, linear channels and on-demand 24/7.

TVInsider explains the collection of episodes. “The catalogue includes new permanent co-host Ken Jennings‘ original winning streak as well as Brad Rutter’s; Jennings holds the record for most episodes won, and Rutter the record for most money won. Jeopardy! Hosted by Alex Trebek will also feature curated programming blocks dedicated to tournaments like Battle of the Decades, College Championship, Teen Tournament, Kids Week, Tournament of Champions, and more. Available episodes go as far back as Jeopardy!‘s first season in 1984.”

Their launch comes as part of their deal with Sony Pictures Television. The Jeopardy! channel features a curated linear stream of 250 episodes that span the past thirty-three seasons. However, each episode shown is hosted by the one and only Alex Trebek.