‘Jeopardy!’ Viewers Go Off on Contestant for Making Them ‘Dizzy’ During Episode

by Emily Morgan

“Jeopardy!” fans are not happy after one contestant made them dizzy during Wednesday’s episode. During the game, the contestant left the viewers so dizzy that some were even “in pain” during the iconic trivia show.

Mayim Bialik is currently hosting the show for the sixth week. The TV star returned after “Jeopardy!” vet Ken Jennings’ prior three weeks behind the podium. Speaking of Jennings, he recently announced he’d be away from the show for the foreseeable future.

As a result, the coveted hosting gig is still up for grabs and will likely be decided by the end of Season 38 next month.

On Wednesday, after six wins, Minnesota meteorologist Eric Ahasic’s suffered a crushing loss after Megan Wachpress beat him by just $2. Wachpress will now move ahead to her third game tonight. However, it wasn’t Wachpress who stole the show, but her fellow contestant who couldn’t keep still.

Gregory Scruggs, a contestant, hailing from Seattle, seemed to have trouble staying still during last night’s episode. Many viewers noticed him swaying back and forth on their TV screens. As a result, fans of the show described feeling ill after the episode.

“This guy is making me seasick,” one viewer wrote on Twitter. “Stop moving, Gregory!” wrote another. “Gregory is a ‘swayer,'” said a third.

Another wrote, “Yo this guy has to stop moving around. He’s making my anxiety go up and up. Just sit still lol.” A fourth chime in, “Gregory is making me dizzy!” As a fifth fumed, “Stop him from rocking!”

A final fan begged the show’s producers to step in and do something, writing, “#Jeopardy Producers or whoever PLEASE tell the contestants NOT to sway. THANK YOU from my eyes and stomach.”

Aside from the rocking motion that didn’t stop until the credits rolled, fans further criticized him for his story about a “40-mile long hike” during the Q&A portion of the show. “Boring story, Greg,” one viewer wrote.

Mayim Bialik continues to face criticism on ‘Jeopardy!’

Another fan claimed he mouthed “f**k” in surprise when landing on a Daily Double. In addition, Bialik’s hosting quirks also garnered her criticism. The episode concluded with Double Jeopardy clues not completed and no time left, something viewers have often seen with the “Big Bang” actress.

“I’m at my wit’s end with Mayim,” one user penned. “Her pauses between informing contestants if they’re right or wrong keep growing, and that contributed to leaving a clue on the board. They added, “Ken’s not perfect but at least the game feels intact under him.”

During one week last month, three of five games ended with clues on the board under her reign. Meanwhile, Jennings announced his shocking departure from the show the day after Mattea Roach ended her epic 23-game streak, losing by an insanely close margin.