‘Jeopardy!’: Watch Contestant Wow Host Ken Jennings Singing Alphabet Backwards Phonetically

by Leanne Stahulak

All the contestants on “Jeopardy!” have some fun fact or hidden talent that they dive into with host Ken Jennings. But I don’t think anyone’s ever displayed a talent like Julian Glander did last night.

Ken Jennings introduced the “Jeopardy!” contestant as an animator from Pittsburgh with a “very unusual talent” in a recent behind-the-scenes video. The game show’s official account captioned the post, “We’re just going to leave this here with no explanation.”

Julian Glander provided a bit of explanation in the video clip. “Well Ken, a lot of people can sing the alphabet backward, ‘Z, Y, X, W, da-da-da.’ I can sing it fully in reverse,” Glander revealed.

He didn’t say how or why he learned this particular skill. But the “Jeopardy!” social media team is right that there’s really no way to explain how what Glander does differs from what most people do when they sing the alphabet backward. You really just have to hear it for yourself in the video below.

After hearing it, Ken Jennings looked at the “Jeopardy!” contestant and said, “Wow. This is the first episode of ‘Jeopardy!’ guest directed by David Lynch, I think.”

As the audience laughed, Jennings added, “We recorded you doing that in rehearsal because I wanted to know if this works. Let’s listen to what that would sound like if we played that backward.”

When listening to Glander’s reverse alphabet… in reverse… it does sound surprisingly similar to the regular alphabet song. Something about singing the letters as they’re spoken phonetically makes it accurate when you reverse it.

“Very nice,” Ken Jennings said after “Jeopardy!” rolled the clip. “And you know, I think I know who killed Laura Palmer.” Leave it to Jennings to make a “Twin Peaks” reference.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Wish They Could Have Watched Ken Jennings Exchange Rather Than NFL Football Draft

Many Ken Jennings and “Jeopardy!” fans took to the comments after the game show posted this behind-the-scenes video. Some fans wanted to celebrate Jennings’ mention of “Twin Peaks” and David Lynch. Others, though, complained that they missed this clip during the show because their local networks didn’t air “Jeopardy!” last night.

“NFL draft bumped Jeopardy in my area,” one fan commented.

Another person said, “Jeopardy is preempted tonight because of the damn football draft!!!!!! Really!?!!!?!”

Others chimed in with, “Did Mattea win again tonight? I missed it because of the draft thang.” And, “I missed this because of some sport?!?!?!? Damnnnn.”

“I don’t care about the NFL draft. I wanted to watch Jeopardy!” someone else wrote.

Looks like “Jeopardy!” fans were pretty disappointed to miss out on the episode. Maybe ABC will make it up to fans by running it again during another time slot.