‘Jeopardy!’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Among Game Shows Moving To Primetime Emmys

by Joe Rutland

Game shows like Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune are moving away from the Daytime Emmys and into the Primetime edition of the awards show. All game shows are now part of the primetime collection of Emmy Award winners.

You might be asking why this is taking place. Well, there’s been an ongoing battle between the Television Academy on the West Coast and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on the East Coast. Variety reported that game-show categories will now go from the Daytime Emmys to Primetime Emmys.

Look For ‘Jeopardy!’ To Be Among Primetime Emmy Awards Entrants

In a statement from both organizations, we get more about the new Primetime Emmy category for the outstanding game show award. This honor “will be awarded to programs with game elements that primarily take place in studio and involve mental challenges. They must be self-contained or carryover (winner continues to next episode) and cannot be arced.”

Look for the Primetime Emmys to add the outstanding host for a game show to its list of honors. According to both organizations, this will be “awarded to the ‘master of ceremony’ host(s) for a continuing performance in a game show.” In the most recent Daytime Emmy Awards, Jeopardy! won for the best game show, and Steve Harvey of Family Feud was the winner of the game show host.

When was the decision to realign the Emmy Awards made? Last year. Several categories have been tweaked to put an emphasis on the genre of show. That’s a change instead of looking at when the show would air during the day. The shift also affects eligibility matters between Primetime and Daytime Emmy Awards shows.

Reality Game Shows Find Themselves Under New Category Name

There are a number of game shows that happen to air during primetime. Well, they will still be in there but under the “outstanding reality competition program” category. In addition, any game shows and reality competition shows with only children competing will now be relegated to the Children’s & Family Emmy Awards.

This ongoing battle between the East Coast and West Coast television organizations when it came to the awards shows has been heated. Hopefully, this will solve the problems. Meanwhile, Jeopardy! will be having Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik as the show’s hosts this coming season. Jennings kick things off in September and will host the Tournament of Champions, too. Bialik comes on board in January and will oversee the daytime show along with specials connected to the O.G. show. Also, look for Jennings to head up the first Second Chance tournament on there. It should be an interesting season.