‘Jeopardy!’: Why Do Different Hosts Get Different Introductions?

by Joe Rutland

For anyone watching Jeopardy! these days, you know that Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik are introduced differently. Some of you might wonder why this is so and we’ll hopefully clear it up. Yet the reasons for these different ones kind of just feel awkward. Why the strange intros for these individuals? The reasons might just astound you.

According to TribLive, the whole thing could be about words. Yep, just words here, friends. OK, so Bialik has been named as the host of those prime-time versions of the famed game show created by Merv Griffin. They call her “the host” while Jennings is simply “hosting.” If you remember, no full-time host has been named for the daily show. Why no daily host? Things got a bit wonky after Mike Richards saw his time come to an end. By the way, there have been no answers from Jeopardy! producers or anyone with the show about this matter.

‘Jeopardy!’ Hosts Ken Jennings, Mayim Bialik Also Have Other Shows

Bialik is busy these days with more TV work on her plate. As you might know, she has a sitcom on FOX titled Call Me Kat. The sitcom will be coming back for its second season. Jennings also was a part of the ABC game show The Chase before leaving there. It’s not really close when you ask fans who they want as a permanent Jeopardy! host at night.

They definitely are a pro-Ken crowd. One might presume it has to do with his own history as a champion on the show. Plus, there might have been a desire from late host Alex Trebek to have Jennings take over. All of that, though, just went out the door when Richards decided to make himself a host along with Bialik. Jennings would come on board after Richards was bounced.

Show Fans Are Not Happy About This Bialik Quirk

Meanwhile, Bialik is hearing about it from Jeopardy! fans. They cannot stand this quirk that the show host has about her. What is it? That Bialik relies too much on show producers when it comes to answers. “If Mayim relies on the producers for her to affirm a contestant’s correct/incorrect response, why aren’t the pauses edited in post-production?” according to a fan on Reddit. “Wouldn’t it reflect better on her and the show if there is a more presentable finished product?”

Maybe Mayim could take lessons from watching Trebek reruns. We don’t know but both hosts do have their styles. As we said, a bunch of fans would like Jennings on there all the time. Right now, he’s on a bit of a break so Bialik is handling host duties. When will Jennings come back to the show? When he’s back from taking time off.