‘Jeopardy!’: Will Mayim Bialik’s Time as Host Be Limited Next Season?

by Emily Morgan

Undoubtedly, “Jeopardy!” has seen some major ups and downs since the death of longtime, beloved host Alex Trebek. After a string of celebrity guest hosts tried their hand behind the podium, the show narrowed their search to “Jeopardy!” GOAT Ken Jennings and “Big Bang” actress Mayim Bialik. 

Jennings and Bialik are splitting Season 38 hosting duties until the season ends later this summer. With the finale on the horizon, many fans eagerly wait to see who will be named permanent host.

As negotiations are underway, fans wonder if they will see less of Mayim Bialik on the longtime trivia show. 

In June, “Jeopardy!” Executive producer Michael Davies revealed that they would announce their decision “very, very soon.” However, it’s been radio silence since then as to who will be Trebek’s permanent successor. 

Recently, Variety announced that Bialik and Ken Jennings would return for the new season and continue sharing the gig

While Sony Pictures TV has not yet commented on the ordeal, Bialik has to adjust her schedule for her starring role in “Call Me Kat.”

Fox gave the show the green light for a new season in May. With this, her schedule is likely stacked regarding her professional life.

However, Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn revealed that the network is “very supportive” of Bialik working on both shows, per CinemaBlend. In addition, they’ve “tried to work with her and Sony to try and make it work.”

However, fans have speculated whether Bialik or Jennings should be the full-time host of “Jeopardy!” 

The fans even went so far as to theorize every aspect of the show, from the phrasing of announcements to Jennings clearing his schedule

Mayim Bialik set to juggle hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ while taking on TV role

Former “Jeopardy!” star Mattea Roach announced her support for Jennings. In addition, some are still downtrodden that LeVar Burton didn’t get the job, which he has been very vocal about. 

In addition, fans can assume that they won’t be seeing much of former “Jeopardy” EP Mike Richards behind the podium. Richards had a short-lived run as a guest host until controversy shrouded his performance. He was soon let go from the gig

As a result, Bialik and Jennings booked the job of sharing the hosting gig. While fans have been left in the dark about who’s stepping up full-time, we know that the two will continue splitting hosting duties.

We’re still waiting to hear whether or not Bialik will be able to appear as much as she has in the past, with “Call Me Kat” gearing up for a new season. 

Season 39 of “Jeopardy!” will air on September 12. “Call Me Kat” will return for Season 3 on Thursday, September 29 at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox.