‘Jeopardy!’ Winner Yungsheng Wang Jokes He’ll Never Be Able to Live Down Missing This Clue

by Caitlin Berard

As a Jeopardy! contestant, a little luck can take you a long way in your quest for the title of champion. In the words of former champion Eric Ahasic, you can “really do some damage” just by getting a category in a subject you like.

So, for recent champ Yungsheng Wang, a bow tie-loving public defender from Los Angeles, California, the category “In the Courtroom” felt like nothing short of fate. Of course he would absolutely crush the competition. As a lawyer himself, he knows courtroom jargon like the back of his hand!

Unfortunately, however, expectation doesn’t always match reality. And even though the category was kismet, the pressure of standing behind a Jeopardy! contestant’s podium got the better of poor Yungsheng.

“Out of the jury’s hearing, it’s the area where the attorneys are standing or the type of discussion they’re in,” host Mayim Bialik read. The answer, of course, is “What is a sidebar?” Yungsheng, however, blanked on what should’ve been an easy win.

Despite the mortifying mistake, Yungsheng handily defeated his fellow competitors, scoring his second win. Following the episode, however, Yungsheng expressed his embarrassment in the missed question. “I do want to ask about sidebar,” Mayim said while Yunsheng hid his face in shame. “You’re a public defender. You knew it! It just wouldn’t come out in time.”

“My judge is gonna kill me,” he responded, drawing laughter both from the audience and Mayim Bialik. “I haven’t done it in a while, so he’s gonna be like, ‘Really? Really? You’re in here every single day. What is wrong with you?’ I’m like, ‘Well, you try to do this!'”

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Express Disappointment in Yunsheng’s Loss

It’s only been a few days since Yungsheng’s embarrassing “In the Courtroom” blunder and subsequent victory, but we’ve already had two more Jeopardy! champions since then. Following his third win, Yungsheng was dethroned by Brian Ahern, who was champ for only a single day before being defeated by Robert Won.

Yungsheng was particularly beloved by fans during his reign as champion, however, who couldn’t have been more disappointed to see him go. Comments such as “I accept the benevolent rulership of this quirky king! 1000 years of Yungsheng!” and “I think Yungsheng has potential to be THE greatest [Jeopardy!] player who ever did it,” were replaced by more downhearted messages.

“Yungsheng, you were terrific! So sorry your run ended tonight. I was rooting for you. I never would have guessed the answer in a million years!” one Jeopardy! fan wrote following his crushing defeat. “Darn! I wanted Yungsheng to win,” another said.