LOOK: Billie Jean King Gives Massive Shout Out to ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Amy Schneider at US Open

by Joe Rutland

One champion would honor another at the U.S. Open as Billie Jean King shared a photo with Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider. The multi-time tennis champion would take a minute and offer up some kind words. Schneider, as you can tell, was quite smitten by King’s comments. She would offer up a personal hope and wish for herself. Obviously, it was a sunshine-filled day in New York City as both of them chatted it up as you can see. Thursday was recognized as Open Pride Day at the tennis tournament going on right now.

In an interview at the U.S. Open, Schneider is asked if she could compare preparing mentally for the tournament with playing Jeopardy!. “Yes, I understand it,” Schneider said. “I think that I definitely did as I was doing it, you feel sports is a good analogy in general. I do think that tennis is a great comparison because it is you alone out there. In tennis, it’s you and another person; for me, it was me and two other people.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Says Game Show Becoming Like A Sport

“You don’t have teammates and you don’t have a coach,” she said. “You’ve got to, if you get down, just rally yourself, because nobody else is going to do it. The other thing I was actually thinking about last night, watching that match with Serena is just the level of focus that it takes to succeed.” She would say that there are many things to be distracted by while on the court. Even things that could get in your head. Schneider said that a person needs to have the mental strength to shut that type of buzz out. She stresses the need to be present during the point as it is happening.

She added that this was what she was trying to do while on the game show. “Not thinking about the cameras or thinking about how I was looking, not thinking about the dumb answer I just gave,” Schneider said. When did she start to follow tennis? “I don’t recall exactly but I mean, here and there a little bit,” she said. “It kind of started a little bit with Monica Seles. When she was making her comeback, I was kind of following that. I just sort of like I got really into that and I just kept following it.”

Speaking of sports, as we have for most of this article, Schneider believes that the famed game show is becoming like a sport, too. “It’s becoming more like a sport,” she said. “There are people like I am who’ve been studying hard and going there to win. It’s more professionalized, and I think it’s a great change.”