WATCH: ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Eric Ahasic Loses by $2 to Newcomer Megan Wachspress

by Megan Molseed

Sometimes, $2 doesn’t seem like a lot of money. Other times, however, this simple amount of money can make a major impact. And, unfortunately for one Jeopardy! contestant, Eric Ahasic, $2 had a big impact on his success while he competed on the iconic TV game show. In fact, $2 made enough of an impact in today’s episode that it ended up sending the current champ packing after an impressive six-day winning streak.

Minnesota meteorologist Eric Ahasic’s six-day winning streak came to a halt on Tuesday, June 14 when he fell just $2 short in overall winnings after the Final Jeopardy! round. You can take a peek at the moment below at the 18:27 mark.

Returning Jeopardy! Contestant Says He Was Overthinking Final Jeopardy! Clue

It was Watergate that did the contestant in, notes the Twin Cities Pioneer Press after Eric’s defeat. The Final Jeopardy! question falls into the category “1972.” The question states: “In June he said, ‘Don’t lie to them to the extent to say there is no involvement, but just say this is … a comedy of errors.’ ”

One of the Tuesday, June 14 contestants, Barry Margulies, answers first with an incorrect answer…H.R. Haldeman. Then, Megan Wachspress, a California attorney, follows Barry revealing her answer to the clue: Richard Nixon. This, Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik points out, is the correct answer.

The video then moves on to the reigning champion, Eric Ahasic…and by the looks on his face, the champ has failed to answer the clue correctly. And, as his guess John Dean is revealed, we learn that Eric has lost this final round. However, all is not lost yet…we still have to see who wagers what and where the overall totals stand. However, his wager lands Eric only $2 behind Megan Wachspress, making her today’s Jeopardy! winner.

“I totally overthought that one,” Eric Ahasic says of the Final Jeopardy! clue.

“My first thought was disappointment,” the contestant adds.

No one wants to lose,” Eric continues after the loss. “But then, honestly, I felt some relief. It was an emotional rollercoaster.”

When Eric Ahasic first stepped onto the Jeopardy! stage to film the initial episode, he says he thought he was “probably going to lose.” Why did the Jeopardy! player feel this way? Well, he was up against the gameshow’s most recent winner Ryan Long, who took home nearly $300,000 during his16 game-winning streak.

“It was probably going to be a one-and-done affair,” Ahasic says of his initial thoughts stepping onto the iconic game show’s stage.

“I figured I’d have fun with it and remember all the moments,” he adds. “Twenty-five minutes later, I beat this guy. To kind of have a new life was wild.”