WATCH: ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Absolutely Nails Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression

by Joe Rutland

You never know what type of talents different Jeopardy! contestants will have, and this one shows off as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Well, Ryan Long, who is a rideshare driver from Philadelphia, just stops the show right in its tracks. He is asked by host Mayim Bialik about some impressions that he does. The first one that comes to her mind is the action movie star and legendary bodybuilder.

Much Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Will Be Back On Show

“I hate to put you on the spot, but I understand you do impressions?” Bialik asks Long on Jeopardy! “Yeah, I do. A couple of acceptable ones, I guess,” he replies. “Schwarzenegger?” Bialik replies. “I’m just I’m happy to be here,” Long says in perfect Arnold pitch. “I love the screen. It’s fantastic. Everything is fantastic. You know, your hosting is wonderful and fantastic and all of this, you know. A pleasure to be known more for my brains than for my muscles.”

Oh, Arnold, well we mean Long, did win Friday’s game and will be back on Monday. Yes, he’ll be back. What in the world, though, has the real Arnold Schwarzenegger been up to recently? He’s coming to Netflix. There is an upcoming spy series in the works with him as the lead in it. We do not have a name for the series but there are some things to note. Schwarzenegger is down to play a CIA agent and his daughter also is a spy, too. She’ll be played by Monica Barbaro, who you can see right now in Top Gun: Maverick along with Tom Cruise. Additional cast members, according to Variety, conclude Aparana Brielle, Jay Baruchel, and Gabriel Luna.

Famed Actor-Bodybuilder Now Following Pretty Much Plant-Based Diet

In case you needed a dietary update about Schwarzenegger, he lets people know that he’s been mostly meat-free for five years. He tells readers of his newsletter that he’s been just working with a plant-based diet. Schwarzenegger says that this food plan has lowered his cholesterol. He also indicates that 80 percent of his diet is now vegan. But the famed actor will occasionally have some steak. Schwarzenegger did also say that his cholesterol numbers were off the charts and they have improved.

Among his many famed one-liners, the action star improvised one of them. No, it is not “I’ll be back.” We’re going to look back at his movie Predator. When he comes eyeball to eyeball with the predator, Schwarzenegger says, “You’re one ugly motherfu**er” before the two square off. So, put that story in with so many of the iconic moments from the career that has spanned movie theaters and competition stages.