WATCH: New ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Keeps His Lucky Tie With Him at the Podium

by Shelby Scott

Jeopardy! has seen an impressive string of super champs grace the stage this season. However, after contestant Megan Wachspress scored an impressive six-game stint on the beloved game show, we’ve yet to find another super-champ. In the meantime, a new Jeopardy! contestant has employed less traditional methods to ensure his success. It seems that, more than anything, he’s depending on luck.

Jeopardy!‘s newest champion is the orange tie-wearing contestant named Pete Chattrabhuti. The game show reportedly has rather strict guidelines about participants’ wardrobes. So, while the determined player had to change his tie for another taping, he brought the orange tie that witnessed his first win with him.

“When it comes to good luck charms,” said host Mayim Bialik, “the orange tie of our new champion Pete Chattrabhuti certainly seems to be a powerful one.”

As per the host’s statement, the lucky Jeopardy! contestant kicked off yesterday’s round in third place, with just $800. However, soon enough, things quickly turned around, with the contestant scoring “a run of correct responses late in the round.”

Combined with a “strategic bet in final,” the tie-wearing player walked away with the win.

Given his belief in his lucky orange tie, it will be interesting to see whether Chattrabhuti maintains his current run or if a couple of new contestants will disprove the tie’s seemingly magical powers.

‘Jeopardy!’s Amy Schneider Offers Her Thoughts on This Season’s Winning Streaks

Throughout Jeopardy! history, which spans the last 38 years, 14 contestants have earned the title of super champ. Altogether, these champions have won more than 10 games in a row each. Given the longevity of the show, it’s not odd that we’ve met a couple of brainiac contestants over time. However, what is odd is the fact that of those 14 super-champs, five have earned the title just this season.

Season 38’s string of Jeopardy! winning streaks kicked off with beloved contestant Matt Amodio early in the season. Over several weeks, Amodio scored an impressive 38 wins before losing to Jonathan Fisher, who went on to celebrate a shorter, though equally noteworthy, streak of his own.

Soon after Fisher’s loss, Amy Schneider was crowned the new champion, even surpassing Matt Amodio’s massively impressive 38-game streak with 40 wins.

In speaking of her own streak and the proceeding streaks later in the season, Schneider said, per the Washington Post, “People kept asking me about [the pattern] during my run because of Matt. At the time, my feeling was it’s not really anything. It’s just a statistical fluke.”

However, eventually, that “statistical fluke” became even more intriguing, with streaks including Mattea Roach’s and Ryan Long’s later making national headlines.

“Since then,” the Jeopardy! contestant said, “it’s kept happening…so that’s starting to feel like a less satisfying explanation to me.”