Who Is Alan Jackson? ‘Jeopardy’ Contestants Have No Idea

by Jim Casey

“Whoa, Nellie!” What a fantastic Jeopardy mix up on July 8. Of course, at Outsider, we love our country music and our college football. So when contestant Brian mistook a photo of Country Music Hall of Fame member Alan Jackson for College Football Hall of Fame member Keith Jackson, we just had to write about it.

Sidebar—and no surprise—Brian finished in third place with $0. However, in Brian’s defense, he was the defending champion whose one-day cash winnings totaled $26,800.

Let’s get to the gaffe of Jacksonian proportions.

It’s Alright to Be Little Bitty

The category in question, “The Jacksons 5,” was featured in the Double Jeopardy round. As you would expect, the correct “question” to each “answer” was a well-known Jackson. After contestant Robert nailed the first two Jacksons, (“Janet” for $400 and “Peter” for $800), an image of ol’ Alan Jackson’s mustachioed and mulleted mug graced the screen (of course, he was donning a cowboy hat).

The $1,200 clue: “In 2004, a stretch of highway in Georgia was named in honor of this great.”

That’s when Brian buzzed in with “Who is Keith Jackson?” Of course, that’s wronger than an ice-cold hoochie coochie. Contestants Robert and Leigh remained mum. Then host Mayim Bialik dropped the knowledge that every country fan worth a neon rainbow knows: “That’s Alan Jackson.”

Don’t worry, Alan, it’s alright to be little bitty.

Who Is Alan Jackson?

This following info is specifically for contestants Brian, Leigh, and Robert. Because I am under the impression the rest of the entire damn universe knows about Alan Jackson.

Alan Jackson has been keeping it country for more than 30 years. Since releasing his debut album, Here in the Real World, in 1990, Alan has scored 26 No. 1 hits on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. In addition, the Newnan, Georgia, native has collected 14 chart-toppers on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, as well as four No. 1 albums on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart.

Alan is No. 7 on the list of the Top 20 Best-Selling Country Artists of All Time, according to the RIAA.

Alan was elected into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2014. His mustache will likely be inducted at a later date.

Of course, the late, great Keith Jackson was the “Voice of College Football.” The legendary sports broadcaster, journalist, and author, who died in 2018, was known for his career with ABC Sports . . . and his catchphrase “Whoa, Nellie!”