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Why ’Jeopardy! Champ Mattea Roach Was ‘Pessimistic’ Before Her Historic Run

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

When “Jeopardy!” fans were first introduced to the game show’s latest champ, Mattea Roach, last month, we encountered a fun, quirky, bubbly young law student. However, now that Roach’s historic winning streak has come to an end, the 23-year-old contestant is speaking out about her time on “Jeopardy!” and how she’s become a different person since stepping up to the buzzer.

While Mattea Roach concluded her run on “Jeopardy!” with earnings topping half-a-million dollars, she shared in her tell-all that the “intangible rewards” have been as transformative as the tangible ones.

Most importantly, the game show contestant said her overall outlook on life has improved for the better since her time on “Jeopardy!” In her letter, she wrote, “I come off as a generally extroverted and bubbly person on the show, so some ‘Jeopardy!’ viewers may be surprised to learn that I’m naturally more introverted and private.”

In fact, Roach described herself as previously being a more “pessimistic” person.

“I found it difficult,” she explained, “even in moments when I was experiencing great success or when I was doing things that were objectively enjoyable, to disconnect myself from thought processes which reminded me that all good things must eventually come to an end.”

Roach claims “Jeopardy!” changed that. She said that from the moment you arrive at the game show’s studio lot to the time you leave, “you’re shrouded in the infectious positive energy of all the contestant-facing Jeopardy! staff.”

Mattea Roach concluded, “If it looked like I was having the time of my life while taping my games, it’s because I was…the realization that such joy is possible for me has changed me forever for the better.”

Mattea Roach Receives High Praise from Fellow ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Ken Jennings

Mattea Roach’s dynamic winning streak may have come to a surprising end, but she’s definitely left an imprint on “Jeopardy!’s” all-time champ and current host, Ken Jennings. Following the conclusion of her run earlier this week, Jennings took to Twitter to offer his congratulations, and comment on Roach’s gameplay.

“Congratulations to Mattea Roach on a truly iconic [‘Jeopardy!’] streak,” Jennings posted. “I believe she’s one of only three champs in history ever to shoot their age,” meaning that at 23 years old, the game show contestant won 23 games.

“Jeopardy!” fans took to the comments section of Jennings’ post to offer the game show champ congratulations of their own.

“A dollar. She lost by a dollar,” one viewer said. “What a riveting streak that was. Amy and Matt were great but most of their games were blowouts; there were a lot of nailbiters with Mattea. Welcome to a very elite group, Mattea. See you at the ToC!! (Tournament of Champions).”

In addition to Mattea Roach, the “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions will also see the return of this season’s former champs, Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio.