Why ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Mattea Roach Is Still Waiting for Her $560K in Winnings

by Leanne Stahulak

During this season of super champions, “Jeopardy!” legend Mattea Roach won an astonishing 23 consecutive games and bagged $560,983.

She earned the fifth-longest streak for consecutive wins in “Jeopardy!” history. And Roach became fifth on the list for highest regular-season winnings. After winning her first few games, the 23-year-old Canadian tutor revealed that her student loans could officially be paid off with her earnings.

But Roach’s celebration ground to a halt when she ran into difficulties cashing her winning check. That’s right, “Jeopardy!” champs don’t get a wire transfer. They get literal, physical checks.

Another former winner named Mike Janela, who Roach bested early in her run, ribbed her on Twitter earlier this week about these checks. He posted a photo of him holding said check in the air, captioning it, “So yeah @mattearoach might’ve beaten me on #Jeopardy and gone on a historic, all-time impressive run, but will her prize money check be small enough for mobile deposit? Think not!”

Turns out he was right. Roach responded in the comments, “Not only was the cheque not small enough for mobile deposit, the bank held it for FIFTEEN business days because it was ‘a large amount of money in a foreign currency.'”

She added, “Also congrats on getting your prize money!! I hope you’re celebrating accordingly.”

Many fans forgot that Roach would have to worry about converting her “Jeopardy!” winnings into Canadian currency. They also, per The Sun, were shocked by the system in place to reward winners.

“Wait. They give you a literal check instead of a wire transfer for an amount that large?” one fan asked.

Another person said, “Almost a month?!? Didn’t they know the money was good?!?”

Either way, hopefully the banks get Roach’s winnings processed sooner rather than later so she can start putting them to good use.

‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Mattea Roach Reveals How She Plans to Spend the Rest of Her Winnings

While paying off her student loans was a primary concern for Mattea Roach, she ended up winning enough money to consider more options for her future.

The tutor is now considering pursuing more higher-education options, and potentially debt-free ones. While she won’t take home the full $560,983 due to taxes and the exchange rate, it should still be enough to make her comfortable.

“I’m looking at earnings that could put me through law school debt-free, or that could serve as the better part of a down payment for a home a few years down the road,” Roach said earlier.

She added, “I never expected that becoming a 23-day Jeopardy! champion would be my pathway to financial security in my twenties, but I feel so blessed that things have turned out this way.”