Jodie Sweetin Hints At Whether She’ll Return for Another ‘Full House’ Spinoff

by Emily Morgan

Fans will always remember Jodie Sweetin as America’s favorite middle child on “Full House.” As you’ll recall, Sweeten starred as Stephanie Tanner in the family-friendly hit series. 

The “Full House” alum recently revealed if she might reprise her role in a potential spinoff series. “Absolutely. I love working with them,” she said of her former co-stars on April 20. 

After the Netflix spinoff “Fuller House” ended in June 2020, no plans for another revival have been announced. Yet, Jodie Sweetin and her former “Full House” co-stars Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber might have something in the works. 

According to Sweetin, she and her former co-stars had joked about having a “Golden Girls” sort of future show,” adding that she envisioned it as them living together in Miami. 

Sadly, no “Full House” reprisal would be the same since the sudden death of Bob Saget this past January. During the interview, Sweetin spoke candidly about her former TV dad. She said that he would’ve gotten a kick out of all the press attention from the celebrity death.

“All I could think when everyone was talking about what a wonderful human Bob was, which was so true, all I could think of is, like, ‘Damnit! He’s so mad that he’s missing this right now,” she said about the classic TV dad. She added, “Everyone’s talking about him. He’d be, like, ‘Oh, my god, did you see this?!” 

She also added that she thought Saget would have been delighted to know that he was a topic of conversation. 

Former ‘Full House’ Star Jodie Sweetin Talks Wedding Planning

On a more positive note, the mom of two also opened up about her upcoming wedding. Sweetin got engaged to Mescal Wasilewski shortly after Saget’s passing. As a mom to two girls, Zoie, 14, and Beatrix, 11, Sweetin knows how she wants to incorporate them into her wedding. 

“[Zoie] gets to be my special maid of honor, and then Bea is gonna be a mini maid of honor,” she said. According to Sweetin, her daughters will make up her bridal party. She added that they’re “very excited” and get along well with her fiancé.

As for her on-screen career, Sweetin just finished filming two holiday movies. She also dove into reality TV when she joined the show “Beyond the Edge.” Her involvement directly helped a charity known as Girls Inc. The charity promotes raising strong leaders in young women worldwide. 

On Instagram, the former child star posted photographs from her time on the show. She highlighted how it changed her forever. “I was one person when I went into that jungle, and a different one when I came out,” she wrote.  

According to Sweetin, it changed her “priorities and perspectives in a way that only testing yourself to the maximum can.” Sweetin was able to win nearly $60,000 for the charity.

She added that she hopes it will help to “spark a bright future for the next young woman out there who is ready to push herself, too.”