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Jodie Sweetin Speaks Out About Possible ‘Fuller House’ Reunion

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

While no official word about a Fuller House reunion is out and about these days, it appears that Jodie Sweetin would not mind. Let’s put it another way. She’s not quieting down any ideas of getting the cast together again. Sweetin talked about the possibility in an interview with E! News. All of this talk comes in light of John Stamos, another Fuller House costar, who has previously said he does not think he would come back for another reboot of the show.

“I feel like at this point who knows what could happen. I’m never opposed to it. I still think that ‘The Golden Girls’ version of ‘Fullest House’ could happen,” she said, Fox News reports. “I could see myself in a moo-moo on a lanai in Miami. I feel that already. I would not be opposed to it, but we’ll see what happens.” The actress said that she will never say never, saying, “if you would have asked us 20 some odd years ago would we do a reboot of ‘Full House,’ we all would have been like no probably not,” adding people should “give it another 20 years” and “we’ll see what happens.”

Jodie Sweetin Makes Name For Herself In Christmas Movies

Everyone on the show stays in close contact, even to this very day. Sweetin said that it was Bob Saget who kept the flame burning around the show. Saget reportedly made sure the cast got together throughout the years. “I forget what it was, but I was thinking about something, and it was a moment where I just missed him. He was the one making phone calls and now we have to continue on without him,” Sweetin said. “We do see each other. We get together for BBQs and dinners when we’re not all working, or at least in the same state.”

Saget died in January 2022 after experiencing head trauma. Since Fuller House wrapped up, Sweetin has been busy making a name for herself as an actress for numerous Christmas movies. Sweetin has been in so many that she jokingly said, “sometimes it feels like I’ve been in hundreds of them, or just one really long one that just keeps on going.” Merry Swissmas is her most recent Christmas movie. It takes place in Switzerland. Sweetin plays Alex, who is a woman who travels to Switzerland to help her mother. The mom recently purchased an inn and Alex is there to help out.

“I show up, I haven’t been there yet, helping mom out, and my mom has decided that I need to repair some things with my old best friend, who started dating my ex. So there’s some drama in it,” Sweetin said.