John Stamos Recalls How an Iconic Musician Helped Him Play Drums on ‘General Hospital’

by Megan Molseed

Full House star John Stamos was giving fans quite the throwback this week when he went all the way back to a 1982 General Hospital clip on his Instagram page. In this Instagram post, Stamos relives an unforgettable moment as one music legend gave the TV star some unforgettable tips on the drums.

Way before he stepped on the TV screen to portray Uncle Jesse on the now classic TV sitcom series Full House, John Stamos was a familiar face in the soap opera world. From 1982 until 1984, Stamos portrayed Albert “Blackie” Parrish. And in one of his early episodes, Stamos found himself starring with one massively famous musician, Sammy Davis Jr.

This storyline that pulled the Me and My Shadow singer onto the popular soap saw the singer’s character, Eddie Phillips arriving in Port Charles to patch things up with his son, Bryan Phillips as he is dying of cancer.

Blackie (Stamos) is able to convince Eddie to star in a charity performance to raise funds for a local Sports center in the fictional General Hospital town. And, this performance is the focus of Stamos’s incredible throwback Instagram clip.

John Stamos’s Scene With Sammy Davis Jr. Helped To Shape The Full House Star’s Career

In the Insta post, John Stamos shares the scene in which Sammy Davis Jr.’s character performs during a fundraiser for his on-screen son’s sports center. John Stamos’s Blackie introduces the star who takes the stage and invites Blackie to join him on the drums for the fundraising performance.

However, Stamos explains in his Insta post that this wasn’t how the initial scene was mapped out. In fact, it was Sammy’s star power that gave Stamos the unique opportunity.

“I was whining to him about wanting to play drums on the show, but they wouldn’t let me,” Stamos recalls of the throwback moment in his Insta caption.

“He then says ‘Hold on,'” Stamos recalls. The star recounts how Sammy Davis Jr. then “walks off and comes back a few minutes later,” telling him “‘Just do what I say!’ Rather emphatically, I might add,” the star notes.

“We start the scene and right in the middle,” Stamos recalls, remembering how Sammy Davis Jr. “ad-libs” for him during the song while Stamos gets comfortable behind the drums.

“He apparently talked to [then executive producer] Gloria Monty,” Stamos explains. The Full House star adds that this moment shaped much of his future roles noting that he’s “been playing music on television ever since.”

“So I have the great Sammy Davis, Jr. to thank,” he exclaims. “Thank you, Sammy!”