Jon Hamm To Star in ‘Fargo’s Season 5

by Emily Morgan

Jon Hamm will officially play a lead role in Season 5 of the FX TV series “Fargo,” according to reports. The network announced the new season of “Fargo” back in February. The new season, set in 2019, asks when is a kidnapping not a kidnapping, and what if your wife isn’t yours? 

In addition to Hamm, fellow actors Juno Temple and Jennifer Jason Leigh are also pegged for lead roles in Season 5. The exact character details for who the three leads will play are currently sealed. However, we know that Hamm will play a character named Roy, Temple will play Dot, and Leigh will play Lorraine.

As a veteran actor, Hamm is best known for his award-winning role in the AMC drama series “Mad Men.” He played the part of the 1950s ad executive Don Draper for seven seasons from 2007 to 2015. 

More recently, you may have seen him in the record-breaking blockbuster of the summer, Top Gun: Maverick, in which he played the role of Adm. Beau’ Cyclone’ Simpson. His other TV and movie roles include “Good Omens,” “30 Rock,” the upcoming Fox animated series “Grimsburg,” and movies like Baby Driver and The Town.

As for Juno Temple, she currently stars in the popular Apple comedy series “Ted Lasso,” which is now working on its third season. She also has a role in the Paramount+ series “The Offer.” The series looks at the behind-the-scenes process of making the iconic film, The Godfather.

‘Fargo’ creator sets the bar high for the latest season

Fans will remember Jennifer Jason Leigh for her role in Quentin Tarantino’s flick, The Hateful Eight. The role earned her an Oscar nomination in 2016. She is known for starring in TV series like “Hunters,” “Patrick Melrose,” and the “Twin Peaks” revival.

The network has booked other veteran actors for previous seasons in the past. Actors like Billy Bob Thornton, Kirsten Dunst, Ewan McGregor, Chris Rock, and others have held roles in the series. 

The show’s creator, writer, director, and executive producer Noah Hawley is behind the creative team of the latest installment of the true-crime series. However, Hawley is keeping his lips sealed on what’s to come in the newest series. 

As far as what fans can expect with the series, Hawley has said that he doesn’t know “where this thing goes or where it ends.” But, he adds, “I certainly don’t want to overstay my welcome. I’m sure there are some people who think that four seasons are too many. Fargo has never really been a story where ‘this happens, then this happens, then this happens.’ 

There’s a lot more that goes into it. And the bar is high. I certainly have no desire to be the last guy at the dance going, ‘Oh, it’s still good.'”

Warren Littlefield, and his production company, The Littlefield Company, also serve as the executive producer. They are also working alongside famed filmmakers Joel & Ethan Coen, Steve Stark of Toluca Pictures, Kim Todd, and Vincent Landay. The series is loosely based on the Coen Brother’s 1996 award-winning film of the same name. However, The show doesn’t adapt to the original Fargo, although it is set in the same fictional universe.