‘Justified’ Revival Crew Members Speak Out About Hearing Gunshots, Taking Cover on Set

by Craig Garrett

“Justified: City Primeval” crew members are speaking publicly about a shootout that occurred on set in Chicago. When two automobiles engaged in a firearms battle and smashed through the show’s barriers, production was halted.

The crew member that spoke to the press wished to remain anonymous. When the crew member was returning from a bathroom break, they heard a popping in the distance. “I’m originally from a military town, so I know what gunshots sound like,” they told Variety. The pops became louder and the crew realized they were in danger. “Our first AD got on the walkie and told everyone, ‘Get down, take off your safety vests, those are gunshots.’”

The crew was preparing to shoot a chase on the street before the gunfight began. “I was working with the first team and actors making sure we were good to go,” the crew member explained. “They drove right past our U-Crane camera arm, and our crane operators were probably the closest to everything while these people were shooting at one another. The U-Crane had to drive and take a left to get away from them,” they said.

According to the crew member, a co-worker had a close call. “[My co-worker] moved out of the way just in time because a bullet hit the glass of the bus stop and shattered the glass.”

The Justified shooting is the 2nd such incident in a week

Another crew member who wished to remain anonymous initially heard shots emanating from the park and assumed they were fireworks.“They started moving around the corridor of the park, and I heard them coming closer and closer,” they explained. “They came straight down that road toward 130 people. I saw the cars blow past the cops and blow through on the street that we were setting up to shoot.” They added, “The U-Crane was on the road at the time, and they drove right past it.”

There were no injuries as a result of the Wednesday night altercation. Apparently, the primary roads where production was filming for Justified were blocked off on both ends. However, the vehicles managed to break through. This is the second time in less than a week that a tv production has been targeted by gun violence. A crew member for NBC’s “Law & Order: Organized Crime” was slain early Tuesday. This was while attempting to reserve parking spaces for the show.

The Chicago Police Department has released a statement in response to the shooting on the Justified set.

“The Chicago Police Department is committed to ensuring members of the city’s vibrant film and television community are able to do their jobs safely. We work in close coordination with the Chicago Film Office, the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, and the Office of Emergency Management and Communications to ensure production crews have the resources necessary to feel safe and secure while filming in the city’s neighborhoods.”