‘Justified’ Revival Interrupted by Another Violent Incident Outside the Show’s Set

by Taylor Cunningham

The set of Justified: City Primeval has been plagued with yet another violent incident only weeks after a shootout led the studio to hire a team of former SEALS and Rangers to protect the cast and crew.

The most recent incident took place on Monday night (Aug. 8). The series was filming an episode in Chicago’s South Loop when an unknown individual threw what police called an “incendiary device” near the set, according to WLS-TV.

The device did not explode, nor was anyone hurt. However, police are actively investigating the crime. No arrests have been made.

The Threat Follows a Shootout on the Set of ‘Justified: City Primeval

Just two weeks ago, the Justified: City Primeval team watched as two cars drove through barricades on set and proceeded to fire weapons.

A crew member blasted a warning for everyone to duck and cover as soon as they realized what was happening. And thanks to them, no one was injured as a result of that incident either. Though, there were a few close calls.

“I’m originally from a military town, so I know what gunshots sound like,” an on-set source who asked to remain anonymous told Variety. The pops became louder and the crew realized they were in danger. “Our first AD got on the walkie and told everyone, ‘Get down, take off your safety vests, those are gunshots.’”

The source said that the camera crane operators had to “drive away” to get out of the line of fire. And one person moved “out of the way” just as a bullet hit where they were standing.

Sony Beefs up Security to Keep the Cast and Crew Safe

“We took a break and made sure everyone was ok,” FX chairman John Landgraf shared last week. “It was a pretty traumatic experience for the cast and crew to be anywhere near that kind of gunfire.”

 “A lot was done to take a break and make sure everyone was OK,” he added. “And we [increased] security.”

According to a report by Deadline, the incident prompted Justified: City Primeval’s studio, Sony, to beef up security measures. To do that, it hired a trained hostage negotiator who leads a team of ex-Navy SEALs and Army Rangers. The specialists are working with the pre-existing security officers and the Chicago Police Department.

Sony is also offering a shuttle service to everyone who doesn’t feel safe driving to set. The service is for people living in Chicago and those who are on location from Los Angeles.

“We take that stuff really seriously,” Landgraf continued. “We are glad that no one was injured. And we are glad that we were able to get back to production safely.”