Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About New Daytime TV Competition After Taking Over ‘Ellen’ Slot

by Samantha Whidden

As she takes over the afternoon time slot from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kelly Clarkson opens up about the daytime TV competition she’s up against. 

While her self-titled talks about how returns for its fourth season on Monday (September 12th), Kelly Clarkson spoke to Entertainment Tonight about talk show newcomer and fellow American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson. The singer and songwriter will be debuting her talk show on the same day. 

Kelly Clarkson says there’s absolutely no competition between her and Hudson. There is only love between the two American Idol alums. She then stated that she doesn’t think Hudson needs any words of wisdom. “I definitely texted her and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s a whole different world from like music but, like, if you need anything, let me know!’ Because IT think too, as a working mom, it’s only exciting when you see other people that are really trying to do everything, you know, and trying to accomplish their dreams and also try to hold it down and raise a family. So it’s just exciting to see.” 

Along with discussing Hudson, Kelly Clarkson praised Sherri Shepherd and Wendy Williams. “So I think that’s the cool thing about daytime TV and streaming, is there’s room for all of us and we’re only gonna life everyone up and get daytime back to where it was. I have room for everyone at the table.”

Jennifer Hudson Says She’ll Welcome Any Advice Kelly Clarkson Will Give 

Meanwhile, Jennifer Hudson recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how she is planning to take Kelly Clarkson up on her offer in regards to any advice and help for her talk show. “I am still going to reach out to Ms. Kelly, you know,” she said. “‘Cause she leads the way. You gotta love her.”

Along with Kelly Clarkson, another American Idol alum in Hudson’s life is Simon Cowell, who will be the first guest on the Jennifer Hudson Show. Cowell further shared that he was really touched by Hudson’s invitation. He also called her career a “proper Hollywood story.”

“It kind of made me feel quite emotional and it made me think back to all those days,” Cowell reflected, “I’m very fortunate that the majority of the contestants on Idol and all my shows, I’ve always remained friends with.” 

Cowell also praised Kelly Clarkson for her career successes over the years. “I said to Kelly, ‘Without you winning the show, it’s unlikely we would be doing this now because we had to find a star. And the fact [that] we found a bonafide star that first year and somebody who America loved as well was everything. And, you know, she’s a fantastic person.”