Kelly Ripa Fires Back at Critics Who Called Her Out for Wearing Certain Type of Top

by Taylor Cunningham

On a recent installment of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Kelly Ripa revealed that trolls gave her ignorant flack over her wardrobe choices for years.

During Thursday’s show, she and her co-host Ryan Seacrest began chatting about people being overly concerned with Ryan’s wardrobe. Namely, they constantly worry that he’s not wearing socks on live TV. And that led to a discussion about people mistreating Kelly because of a certain type of top she liked to wear in the past.

As she explained, she used to wear a style of shirts that had darting on the chest. Darts are small folds of fabric that are sewn together to help give shape to the busts of clothing. And while they’re very common, people in the audience mistook them for something else entirely.

“I used to wear dresses with darts, and people would fixate on my ‘nipples,’” she admitted.  “And I’m like, ‘They’re not nipples. Even though I do have them. And so do you!’” 

Kelly Ripa went on to say that people “could not wrap their brains” around the fact that the so-called wardrobe malfunction was just a seam. And they’d send her emails about it that were downright cruel.

Disgruntled viewers would write in asking, “How dare you,” “How could you.” And sometimes they’d add, “what a betrayal.” And, of course, it was all annoying because they were angry over nothing.

“And I’m like, ‘You’re winning if that’s your biggest problem,’” she recalled responding.

Kelly Ripa Shares Husband Mark Consuelos‘ ‘Superpower’

Kelly Ripa did admit on the air that she has some more daring experiences locked away in her past, however. For example, her husband Mark Consuelos snapped some NSFW pictures of her while she was napping on the beach during their honeymoon in 1996.

Though, she shared that those types of images are reserved for her and Consuelos—and unfortunately, the guy who developed the film. But she’s comfortable with that. And she’s also still head over heels for her husband for being romantic and sentimental about those and all memories 26 years later.

“We’ve been together a long time,” she told ET Canada in 2020. “But all Mark has to do is look at me [and I] feel so special, so pretty and so young,”

“It’s probably his superpower. He knows how to treat his spouse like the only person in the world,” she added. “He’s got the best smile I’ve ever seen, so when he smiles it’s like the sun’s shining on you. … He’s got this magic ability to be present and part of everything, so I feel very fortunate. I’m very lucky!”