Kelly Ripa Jokes That She’s Ready for Plastic Surgery After Posting Beach Pic

by Samantha Whidden

Although she looks absolutely amazing, Kelly Ripa admitted that she’s considered having plastic surgery while making an NSFW confession on national TV

The Sun reports that during the latest episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan the TV talk show host claimed she needed a boob job. This discussion occured while showing off a bikini vacation photo. She recently went on a beach vacation with her family. “I was significantly frustrated that I had taken 2,000 pictures of [my husband] and the kids and zero photos of myself,” Ripa declared. 

Kelly Ripa then made the confession while looking at her bikini photo. “And it renews my efforts that I do, in fact, need a boob job. So, if you know a guy – if there’s a guy you recommend… The 32 now quadruple A-longs are not looking good.” 

Meanwhile, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa chatted about her marriage to Mark Consuelos. When asked if she holds any grudges when it comes to her marriage, she replied, “Not really. I mean not really. No. Not with each other. Other people though, yes.” 

When asked if she has any grudges on her 35th season on the show, Kelly Ripa said no. “We don’t hold grudges with each other. No.” 

Kelly Ripa Says She Holds Grudges Six Years After Michael Strahan Left the Talk Show 

The discussion about grudges on Live With Kelly and Ryan happened just six years after Michael Strahan departed from the morning talk show. Ripa previously discussed Strahan’s departure in a 2020 interview with Variety

Upon telling viewers that Strahan was leaving the show, Kelly Ripa recalled what she said. “I don’t think there was an on-air woman that I didn’t hear from: either a personal letter or an email or a text or DM. It’s so easy to think that it’s just you. But you’d be amazed how many people don’t feel seen or heard at all. I didn’t kick up a fuss; it wasn’t a big thing; I was just like, I’m not doing this. If I’m not worthy of a discussion, if I’m not worthy of you running this conversation by me — it was outrageous.”

Kelly Ripa stated that while she resisted cynicism, she struggled a bit. “It’s hard not to become cynical; I try not to. Sometimes it’s that scene from The Godfather Part III, ‘just when you think I’m not cynical, they pull me back in.’ What am I going to complain about?”

Strahan also discussed with Deadline about not working with Kelly Ripa anymore. “I learned so much from Kelly, so much from [executive producer] Michael Gelman. When it was time to go, it was time to go. Certain things that were going on behind the scenes just caught up.”