Kelly Ripa Raises Eyebrows With Vacation Pic of Husband Mark Consuelos

by Joe Rutland

Kelly Ripa is apparently getting a little cheeky in her comments regarding this picture of her husband, Mark Consuelos. As you can tell, Conseulos has his hat placed in an interesting spot. If you check out what Ripa wrote in the caption area, then you can read between the lines. Obviously, there is some humor going on here as well. Now, this photo might or might not make an appearance on Ripa’s morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan.

What is taking place here in the comments section? Let’s take a precarious trip through them. One fan wrote, “Yup!!!! Perfect hat protector!!!!” Another one said, “Ah yes I’d say it’s plenty.” Well, we will leave the rest of the comments alone for another day. Ripa’s co-star on her daily show is American Idol host Ryan Seacrest.  

Kelly Ripa Talks About What Irritates Her Regarding Mark Consuelos

Recently, she made a rather savage comment about her husband. Well, Kelly Ripa talked about what irritates her about Consuelos. Is it his success? What about his fame and fortune? OK, she might have a hand or two that is involved in that for herself. So, it might not be that at all. But she would note that after many years of marriage, Ripa said that Consuelos wakes up looking “great.” Apparently, Consuelos has a habit of just looking absolutely great when he gets ready to step out of the door. Ripa also said that as good as he looks, it might be just people will look at her like he’s her “kid.”

That’s pretty sweet. Speaking of this power couple, Ripa introduced Consuelos as her guest co-host when Seacrest headed out of the morning show for a break. She would look over at him and start to brag about him. In a loving way, of course. But Ripa did point toward him and say, “Listen, for a girl with average everything, look at me, look at me. So take that, school bullies.” Consuelos counters himself in a joking manner, saying “Look how you did. Look what you did for yourself!”

While we have been talking about Consuelos’ photo some here, there’s also a little note regarding a Kelly Ripa photo. We understand the one that is being talked about is not along the lines of Mark’s shot. Still, Ripa looks good in this beach photo. The picture, which comes from Ripa’s Instagram Stories, has her in a yellow dress with her hair pulled back. She is standing barefoot while looking out at blue water from a dock. It is Consuelos who shared this picture from her IG. Well, it is clear that both of these people love one another deeply and share tender moments.