Kelly Ripa Reveals on ‘Live’ That Her Mom Underwent Major Surgery

by Shelby Scott

Live with Kelly and Ryan star Kelly Ripa recently returned home and reclaimed her chair on her talk show after spending some quality time at the beach with her husband Mark Consuelos. That said, hopefully, the TV star was able to bring some of that R&R home with her because she revealed on the latest installment of Live that her mother underwent a serious surgery this week.

Kelly Ripa recently revealed that her mom, Esther Ripa (81), underwent a heart procedure but assured fans on Wednesday’s broadcast that she’s doing well in recovery. In speaking about her mom’s surgery, the Live with Kelly and Ryan star also shared her newfound appreciation for hospital staff.

“I got to tell you something,” Ripa said to costar Ryan Seacrest and the watching audience, “until you — and all people go through this, and you don’t really realize what gems hospital workers are.”

She continued, “Not just the surgeons and the physicians assistants, but those ICU nurses are just so special and so fabulous at allaying anybody’s fears, anxieties and just keeping everyone in the know.”

Ripa further joked that while her mom did “great” in surgery, she makes “the worst patient” for a doctor.

Kelly Ripa’s Mom Sports New Haircut After Hospital Visit

According to PEOPLE magazine, Kelly Ripa’s mom not only left the hospital with a well-taken-care-of ticker but also boasted a stylish new haircut. Ripa revealed who her mother’s new hairdresser is during her latest appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

“We were [at the hospital] late last night,” the host began, “and very early this morning. My mom was wearing this turban, if you will, a wrap on [her] head. And she wouldn’t wear it into surgery, they don’t allow that. And this morning I see that my mom was sporting the chicest French girl bob I’ve ever seen.”

Surprisingly, Kelly Ripa revealed it was her father who gave her mom Esther the stylish new ‘do. Recalling her mother’s description of the haircut, Esther said, “Ugh, I didn’t want to deal with it. I didn’t want to deal with having to worry about my hair so I had your father cut it with the kitchen scissors.”

Reacting to her dad’s newfound talent, the Live star said, “My dad has missed his calling as a hairstylist. When I tell you how chic — I’m seriously thinking about giving my dad the kitchen sheers and saying, ‘Give me the S. Ripa. Give me the bob! I’m telling you it’s the cutest haircut.”

Kelly Ripa’s previously praised her mother’s hair in a less serious post on Instagram in the past. Recalling a Thanksgiving photo from her childhood, which shows Ripa sitting in Esther’s lap and the elder woman boasting an outrageously large updo, the TV star previously wrote of her mom, “especially grateful for this gorgeous lady. Special shoutout to mom’s hair. Thankful it never collapsed during a single thanksgiving.”

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