Kelly Ripa Stuns in Orange Bikini Beach Photo

by Samantha Whidden

On Thursday (July 7th), Kelly Ripa took to her Instagram to share a throwback snapshot while promoting her upcoming TV game show “Generation Gap.”

“#TBT 2008,” Kelly Ripa shared in the post. “A Consuelos family reminder to watch Generation Gap on ABC. Bikinis optional. We’ve been bridging the gap for years!”

“Generation Gap” is the revival of the 1969 game show, which was hosted by Dennis Wholey, who replaced Jack Barry after ten episodes aired. Fred Foy the show’s announcer. During gameplay, two teams of three players compete. The teams are split with one contestant being under the age of 30, another being over 30, and a celebrity, who is occasionally playing against a relative on the other team. 

Kelly Ripa recently spoke about her hosting duties on the game show. “I stood there and the contestants would look at me, like, ‘Oh my God, give me a hint!’ And I’m, like, ‘I have no idea what the answer to this is’ because I’m at that sweet spot between eh two generations, so I mildly know nothing about everything.”

Meanwhile, Kelly Ripa spoke about how her father, Joe Ripa, participated in the new game show. 

“We ask contestants to try to figure out what song Joe Ripa is trying to sing,” Kelly Ripa explained. “And we are so convinced that they won’t figure out that we up the money.”

At the end of the game show, whichever team wins the most money wins the game. However, Kelly Ripa says there’s a twist. “The family toddler comes out for a bonus round. In the bonus round, the toddler’s choice, we give them the option between something amazing like a brand new car or a brand new tricycle with Minnie Mouse, and it’s the toddler’s choice.”

According to TV Insider, the twist on the show cost the winning family in episode 1 to lose a car. It was a Kia Niro LXS worth $25,000. The family’s 5-year-old kiddo Andrew picked the Raze Crazy Car Shift scooter instead of the family vehicle. The scooter is worth just a little under $300.  

Along with “Generation Gap,” Kelly Ripa and her husband Consuelos’ production company is planning to revisit the former ABC soap opera “All My Children.”

“I don’t even know where that is in the queue,” Kelly Ripa declared. “Hopefully it comes back and hopefully sooner rather than later.”

Ripa went on to add that the thing she cares about the most is “All My Children” being revisited properly. “Because ‘All My Children’ is responsible for every good thing that happened to me in my life.