Kelsey Grammer Hilariously Reveals the Key to a Successful ‘Frasier’ Reboot

by Megan Molseed

Fans of the hit 1990s TV sitcom series Frasier have been patiently waiting as news regarding a revival of the popular Cheers spin-off continues to slowly emerge. Now, the show’s star, Kelsey Grammer is dropping some new info on the planned series, hilariously noting that he credits one specific element of the revival series as being the “key ingredient” to the reboot’s success. This element? Well, Kelsey Grammer quips, it’s his own series character…Frasier Crane himself!

Kelsey Grammer Talks Plans For Upcoming Frasier Reboot Series; Discusses The ‘Key Ingredients’ That Will Make This Revival A Success

For years now, Frasier fans have been hearing rumblings that tease the return of our favorite sitcom psychiatrist. After all, this character has been a part of TV sitcom history for decades now, first popping onto our TV screens in the classic TV barroom comedy series, Cheers back in 1984.

The character later returned to the small screen in the spin-off sitcom series Frasier when Cheers came to an end nearly a decade later. However, in 2003, the cast of the popular comedy series signed off for a final time. Well, until now…as the show’s revival has officially been greenlit by the popular streaming service, Paramount +.

And, during an upcoming discussion with the popular daytime talk show The Talk, Kelsey Grammer shares what he knows so far about this upcoming revival. Noting that shooting for the series is likely to start by the end of this year.

“There were some conversations about October,” Kelsey Grammer says in a teaser for the upcoming episode of The Talk.

“Maybe a little later,” the star continues. “I don’t know.”

Kelsey Grammer adds that more information on this will soon be released, but in the meantime, “there are a couple of other things coming up,” the actor notes. “We’ve developed a couple of other projects that look like they’re going to shoot first.”

Frasier’s Key Ingredient Is A Simple One…It’s The Star Of The Show, Of Course!

When discussing the upcoming revival of the sitcom series, Kelsey Grammer credits the show’s titular character, who is played by himself, as being the “key ingredient” of the reboot…and by default, the star teases, he also becomes a key element for the upcoming sitcom series. After all, the series centers around the popular psychiatrist.

“The key ingredient for the Frasier reboot is actually Frasier, honestly,” Kelsey Grammer relates.

“It was always called [Frasier],” the star quips. “So it’s me, the key is me.”

Grammer Says The Script Is Nearing The Final Stages And It’s ‘Pretty Good’

During the upcoming interview, Kelsey Grammer notes that the script for the show’s first episode is in “the final stages.”

And, the star adds, it’s looking “pretty good” as he has taken a few glimpses at the storyline during recent run-throughs.

“I’ve had a couple of runs through [with] it,” Grammer notes.

“And I cried,” the star adds. “So you know, I’m happy.”