Kevin Bacon Tells Jimmy Fallon How His Wife Got Injured During ‘Footloose’ TikTok Challenge

by Chris Piner

Released in 1984, the film Footloose gained a dedicated cult following as fans watched Ren McCormack, played by Kevin Bacon, dance his way into the hearts of not just moviegoers but the entire midwestern town in the movie. While it has been 38 years since Bacon shook things up, it appears that the highly popular TikTok has been spreading the Footloose challenge which entailed performing one of the film’s more memorable moments. And wanting to show his love for his iconic role, Bacon and his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, accomplished the challenge, but not without an injury. 

With Kevin Bacon 64 years old and Kyra Sedgwick 56, the challenge appeared tougher than it looked on the social media platform. Recently, Bacon visited the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to help promote season 3 of City on a Hill. During his interview, Bacon shared the hilarious moment about how they did the TikTok challenge but it led to Sedgwick injuring herself. 

Kevin Bacon Reveals His Biggest Supporter

Parents to two kids, Tavis, 33, and Sosie, 30, the couple have shared many years together with Kevin Bacon admitting Sedgwick was one of his biggest supporters. In 2020, he told PEOPLE, “Kyra and I believe in each other as actors, as directors, and as talent. She’s never been anything other than supportive of me. “She doesn’t have a competitive bone in her body when it comes to me. She takes my successes as hers. I’m the same way.” 

Although a cult classic now, apparently, when Footloose first tested with audiences, many found issue with the original ending and its slow-motion style. Kevin Bacon revealed, “I run into the place, I say, ‘Let’s dance!’ and there’s like a moment of dancing, and then right away, it goes into slow motion. There’s glitter falling from the sky, and everyone is just moving in slow motion. This was the original ending.” The actor added, “The studio tested the movie, and they were like, ‘This doesn’t work at all.’ Everyone wants to get up and dance at the end of this movie.”

Reshooting Footloose A Year Later

While not a major change, Kevin Bacon said that it was over a year after production wrapped before they came together again to reshoot the scene. “We still kept the ‘Let’s dance!’ and me running down the stairs. But from that point on, it was choreographed and L.A. dancers were hired. Chris Penn was out there — and me and Lori [Singer]. We had to gather the cast together and try to get the hair to match. That was a completely re-shot ending.”

At the Academy Awards in 1985, Footloose gained nominations for best original song for Footloose by Kenny Loggins and Let’s Hear It For The Boy by Tom Snow and Dean Pitchford.