‘Kevin Can Wait’ Alum Erinn Hayes Joins ‘Kevin Can F**k Himself’ in Surprising Move

by Megan Molseed

AMC’s Kevin Can F**K Himself has broken the mold in some major ways. A series that plays with the limits of tone within the television sitcom world and the gritty drama genre, Kevin Can F**K Himself is a not-so-subtle commentary on how the sitcom wife is treated as a disposable character. And now, the groundbreaking series is making a big statement. Pulling in an interesting guest star: Kevin Can Wait alum Erinn Hayes. An actress whose own story served as an inspiration for Kevin Can F**K Himself’s bizarre storyline.

Former ‘Kevin Can Wait’ Star Erinn Hayes Finds A New Role In A Masterful Casting Move

The AMC series has gone full meta as sitcom alum Erinn Hayes joins the cast of the unique, but very popular dramedy series. Surely sitcom fans know well that in 2017, Hayes’s character – the stereotypical “sitcom wife” was unexpectedly killed off from the Kevin James CBS comedy series Kevin Can Wait.

Very little explanation came with this move. And, it spurred many conversations regarding the expendable nature of this particular character. So much so, that it was this situation that somewhat inspired Kevin Can F**K Himself.

Kevin Can F**K Himself Brings Us A New Angle To the Classic American Sitcom

Kevin Can F**K Himself stars Schitt’s Creek alum Annie Murphy as Allison McRoberts, the longsuffering wife of Eric Petersen’s Kevin. The dark comedy series follows Allison as she is deeply unsatisfied with her life.

However, while in the presence of her husband, the scenes are light and hilarious. Featuring the classic sitcom multi-cam setup complete with the canned laughter we know well. But, when the audience gets the chance to see Allison on her own, we get a deeper look into her psyche – and things are not good.

Whenever Allison leaves the presence of Kevin, the mood shifts drastically. Turning into a gritty drama, exploring Allison’s deep sadness and frustration with her life.

Initially, Murphy’s character feels trapped in her life. However, she soon realizes her only way out is to kill Kevin. She forms a bond with her neighbor Patty who is also the wife of one of Kevin’s close friends. And, as season one comes to a close, fans are left with quite a few questions.

Erinn Hayes Enters The Cast In the Second Season

It is not yet known what character Hayes will be portraying in the second season of the AMC series. It will be interesting to see how she fits into the Kevin Can F**K Himself world. Will she portray a character similar to her Kevin Can Wait wife character?

Will she be living in Kevin’s lighthearted comedy series world, or will Erinn Hayes step into Allison’s darker and grittier world? Maybe Hayes will be giving the desperate wife some much-needed advice on how to navigate her miserable day-to-day life, without having to consider killing her husband.